Anchors Away!

Recently I had the pleasure of working yet again with eShakti, the cute, customizable, and affordable on-line collection that takes the perfect hints from the past… This time I was to select something from their Fall/Winter Collection.  After mulling over their collection, I decided the red, white, and blue portion of my wardrobe needed to be expanded and selected their Anchor Print Dress.

One thing I hear a lot about with vintage is that “people were so small back then!” among other complaints, especially from the hard-to-fit gals, whether those who are very petite or plus-size, and I think eShakti fits the bill for those who love the lines of vintage, but have difficulty in finding garments that fit properly.  For standard sizes, eShakti fits size 0 to size 6X, but they also offer custom sizes as well (offering measurement options beyond the standard sizes, in both size directions, large and small).  I opted for the custom size, which I greatly encourage, unless you are a perfect standard size! Custom sizing costs only an additional $7.50, which is a bargain.  Custom sizing offers a very good range of measurements, including arm circumference (a problem I run into on occasion), and will aid those who feel they fall into the hard-to-fit category.  This dress fit me perfectly (I added the belt to bring white into the outfit), so their custom sizing is spot on!

eShakti’s products feel well made, and of decent weight fabric, this dress was made of a medium weight mini-corduroy.  Though I’m not sure what the collar piece is made of, it feels like a polyester of some sort, akin to some of the dresses from the 60s, although polyester is not listed on the fabric content.  The bodice is lined, adding decent structure to the bodice, however the skirt is not lined.  And I’m also really impressed with the amount of stitching! Much of the garment is properly top-stitched, and the inside seams are surged.  The dress also features pockets! Real, wonderfully deep pockets. Which I am always glad for, especially in the days of cell phones.  The pockets are so deep that my iPhone 5 still has a great deal of room above it, and will not fall out when I move about.

The page for each garment offers details of fabric (including if there is stretch), as well as construction, including closures, which is very important to me, as I have a wretched fear of side zippers.  Details also mention the care of the garment, important for those wishing to avoid dry-cleaning.  I really wish all clothing companies that offer on-line shopping were as detailed in their garment descriptions as eShakti.  The one thing that is not disclosed on their garment pages is where the garment was made (which is India), however this is discussed on their About page.  And is very refreshing.  In light of the tragedy in Bangladesh, concerns over labor conditions have arisen, and eShakti felt the need to tackle this issue, stating that India has very strict labor laws, and that the wages payed by eShakti are above the minimum wage of India, and furthermore that those who make eShakti’s clothing are often the main bread winners for their families.

Overall, I am very please with my sailing inspired dress! And I’m looking forward to accessorizing it in a variety of ways in the future!

Dress: Anchor Print courtesy of eShakti
Coat: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Nordstorm
Stockings: What Katie Did
Snood: Bettie Page Clothing, Portland, Oregon
Purse: Gift from a neighbor in my building actually!
Gloves: Expo
Bangles: Various
Earrings & Brooch: Don’t recall…

I hope you all (in America anyhow) have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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