A Visit to The Foundation

In making my Dixie Cousins costume, I came to the realization that the undergarment I was planning on wearing was just not working out, and I felt that a true underbust corset would be better suited towards my needs, as well, as, heck, I just wanted one.  So I returned to The Foundation: From Billie to Bettie, where I purchased my first steel boned corset last year.

I really can’t express how much I not only love this store, but how thankful I am that Portland has such a store.  Tami, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and as sweet as could be.  She’s also a kick! Did you get a load of her fab 1964 Chrysler New Yorker parked out front? Her shop is stocked with bullet bras, modern bras, a-lines, girdles, all-in-ones, garter belts, panties, corsets, flouncy crinolines, and of course, stockings.  Her corsets range from the practical to the fantastic, including some stellar steampunk inspired ones.

The Foundation also has a photo studio! You can work with their photographer, who is exceptional! Her work is scattered throughout the shop.  I greatly admired the work she did of Tami especially.  They have a host of goodies for one to play dress up, and find their inner pin-up.  You can also rent the studio space too! Bring in your own camera equipment and rent for as little as three hours or for the whole day! How fabulous is that?

Sadly, Tami didn’t have my size in the style of corset I wanted, but she was able to order it for me! And it will be here shortly! I can’t wait! But I did find a few treasures to tide me over. I purchased a fabulous Rago six-point girdle, and a pair of Birkshire stockings, a brand I haven’t tried before, and I’m really excited to take them for a test drive.  To top things off, both Rago (who has been in the foundation business since for over 65 years) and Berkshire items are made in the US!

I also heard from a little birdie that The Foundation will be having an amazing Small Business Saturday deal!  Spend $50 and get 10% off your order, spend $100 and get 20% off, or $150 and get 25% off! So it’s time to either splurge for yourself, or get something special for your significant other, or even for that best friend of yours!  For more info, please visit The Foundation’s Facebook page.

18 thoughts on “A Visit to The Foundation

  1. What an incredible place! I so wish we had anything like that nearby, but if I’m ever in Portland, I definitely want to go there. Just curious, but do they have an online store?

    • Hi Sarah,

      No, they do not. They have yet to have an official website yet! But they’re working on it. It’s just a husband and wife team. But most of the products they sell are available on-line. What Katie Did, Rago, Secrets in Lace, and Berkshire are all on-line (however, I don’t know where you are located – and maybe some companies will not ship there, as Morgan mentioned in her comment). Leg Avenue’s products are all over, including 3wishes.com – which is where I bought a great deal of my stockings when in college, they were cheap and had free shipping.

    • Hello. First of all thank you for looking at The Foundation facebook page and I hope if you are ever here in the Portland area you will pay us a visit. We do not have a web site os of yet but we are working on it. Tami The Foundation

    • Hi Morgan. Thank you for looking at The Foundation facebook page. I can imagine the shipping cost are a lot. What is your most common worn Berkshire hose? I love them too and they are a fully fashioned stocking size by your height and weight. Maybe I could find out what it cost to ship to Germany? Tami The Foundation

  2. If ever there was a shop that it would be awesome to have turn into a chain (a chain that hopped over the border, too, I should add), this would be it. Most towns, even relatively small ones, have lingerie shops, but they’re usually chocked full of nothing but modern pieces. I would love to be able to hop in the car and find beautiful, well made vintage appropriate underpinnings here locally (or anywhere near locally). The Foundation has now been added to my hope-to-visit-in-Portland list. Thank you for the absolutely lovely review of this special shop.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for looking at The Foundation facebook page. I hope if you ever are in the Portland area you come visit us. Yes we carry Rago brand foundation undergarments that have been around for 70 years and if you are ever in and we do not have your size we can certainly order your size. Thanks again. Tami The Foundation

    • Hi Joanna. Thank you so much for looking up The Foundation facebook page and checking us out. We are working on getting a web site soon. Hope you will visit us if you are ever in the Portland area. Tami The Foundation

    • Hello. I want to thank you for looking at The Foundation facebook page. We are working on getting a web site here so show what we sell. If you are ever in the Portland area I hope you will come visit us. Tami The Foundation

  3. Thank you Janey so much for the beautiful pictures of the shop and my land yacht! It was very good to see you again and hope to see you lots in the future. I cannot thank you enough. Tami

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