Forties Fall

I think a common misconception about vintage is that it automatically means wearing dresses or skirts all the time.  That’s not the case.  I thrive on vintage casual looks and love me a good pair of pants.  Tasha of By Gum By Golly does a fabulous job of vintage casual too.  But pants doesn’t always mean casual.  Katharine Hepburn was the queen of making pants glamorous, and she is one of my idols.  When I found these trousers at Expo, I immediately thought of Ms. Hepburn…

Hat: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Jacket: Living Threads Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Blouse (which you can’t see): Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Trousers: That’s Swank, via Expo
Shoes: Miz Mooz, Johnny Sole, Portland, Oregon
Gloves: Don’t remember…
Purse: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Sword Hat Pin: Gift from Lyndsie of Retro Rejuvenation

21 thoughts on “Forties Fall

  1. Those pants are super cute. Are they 80s does 40s, or oldies? I’ve been hoarding the lady trousers lately, but none of mine are that great fleck!

  2. So gorgeous :3 The hat and jacket together totally remind me of something Rosalind Russel’s character in His Girl Friday might wear in fall 🙂 Those shoes are absolutely fabulous too!

  3. Ok there must be something in the air– I’m writing a blog post right now with a forties fall theme!
    Love the hat– especially the netting!–and those wing tip shoes.

  4. I love incorporating trousers into my vintage looks. As you mentioned, most people think of dresses and skirts when they imagine vintage ensembles for ladies, so pants are a bit of an unexpected twist. They’re also so easy to wear!

  5. You look so elegant. I really like fleck wool pants and skirts. And boy can you wear a hat. I wish I could look that good in vintage hats, let alone dare to wear one out. For some reason I can wear any kind of vintage clothing or accessories, but when it comes to hats I get self conscience.

    • Intimidating!? Oh gosh! They are a lot of fun! I think you just have to decide what kind of pants you want to go for! I love Freddies of Pinewood for jeans! And the Classics are your best option. But I can also understand being intimidated by the price. You shouldn’t be too intimidated by fit – most are wide legged, so you don’t have to worry too much about your tush or hips.

  6. Every last element of this glamorous trouser ensemble is beautiful and works in such elegant, becoming harmony together.

    That’s very true you know, thank you for raising that point. I think – especially in the eyes of those outside of our vintage circle – that many people do forget that trousers, jeans, capris and other styles of pants (beach pajamas, anyone?) were mainstays of many women’s causal (and sometimes “after six”, too, in the case of things like hostess sets) wardrobes all through the mid-twentieth century. I love that you’re keen to embrace – and gorgeously rock – pants and remind us all of that stylish fact.

    ♥ Jessica

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