Snow Cowgirl

Well, it’s officially a snowpocalypse here in Portland.  While our eight inches of snow may be nothing to you people in the upper mid-west or east coast, our City of Roses basically shuts down, as we are not equipped to handle snow (our city doesn’t have many snow plows, and schools close when we have two inches).  Meanwhile I’m sure every little girl who fell in love with Frozen is outside frolicking pretending to be Elsa. Here on our little homefront, Patrick and I have enjoyed some snowy, although treacherous, walks…

I’ve been wanting a coat like this for a few months now, something a bit Native American or Mexican blanket inspired in fabric, long, and with a hood, and I scored this beauty about a week ago at Buffalo Exchange, so just in time for the snow!  I feel a bit like Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back with it, seriously, with this weather where is my Tauntaun!? Anyway, the coat was a pretty good score I found out at $46, since coats like this by the brand, BB Dakota, retail for the $118 range when not on sale, and when on sale are still $80 or so. Yay for shopping resale!

Well, back to the warmth of our little apartment to do some Etsy listing! If you’re a fan of sewing, be sure to keep tabs on my Etsy shop as it is getting a huge influx of vintage sewing patterns!

Coat & Skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Portland
Sweater: Red Light, Portland
Tights: Target
Boots: Antique Alley, Portland
Native American Brooch: Christmas gift from my friend Alicia
Gloves: Expo maybe?

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