Girls with Cars

Now, normally I just go hunting for pictures of fabulously dressed women when rifling through old photos, but photos of cars stand out to me as well, for reasons described in Boys and Their Cars. So today, I bring you photos of girls with cars.

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8 thoughts on “Girls with Cars

  1. These are awesome! One can’t help but wonder, did the gal in her gown and mortarboard receive that beautiful ride behind her as a graduation gift? Perhaps unlikely in the pre “My Sweet 16” world, but not entirely inconceivable.

    I so adore these real real world photo posts, dear Janey, thank you for sharing another stellar round of snaps with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. The girl in the playsuit is SO CUTE, I can’t get over her hair and her outfit, not to mention the car. And the girl second down driving the car. These are great!!

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