Saturday Drive

As noted earlier, Patrick and I finally bought a car! Originally we had plans to take it to the drive-in this weekend, but rain prevented that from happening – maybe next weekend! However we still decided to go out for a nice country drive down Highway 99 to McMinnville (also known as Oregon’s wine country, though I couldn’t care less about wine), stopping at various antique shops and thrift stores along the way.

While I didn’t find much (seriously, I bought a purse, that was it), it was still a successful trip in getting us acquainted with our new car.

These photos have really convinced me I need to add darts to this Scully I thrifted when in Austin last year. I knew it was on the big side when I bought it, but the color was just too marvelous to pass up on, as it is my favorite! Meanwhile I’m finally brave enough (yes, I still struggle with wearing some things) to wear something I’ve wanted to add to my wardrobe for a few years now, string ties. They are wonderfully western, but also elegant in a way, and are an easy way to “dress up” a western outfit. I just got the saddle ring back from the jewelers, and it is one of the few things I bought during our trip to California last month. While it was pricey, I knew I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t buy it, and now it’s one of my favorite things to wear.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Fringe Leather Jacket: Expo
Scully Western Wear Blouse: Thrifted
String Tie: Magpie, Portland, Oregon
Jeans: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Moccasins: Thunderbird by Minnetonka
Belt: Gosh…I don’t know. I buy a lot of western belts.
Saddle Ring: Central Park Antique Mall, Bakersfield, California

12 thoughts on “Saturday Drive

  1. I can see why you had to have the shirt; that color is marvelous on you. I’m so short that I pretty much have to alter anything I buy ready made. It’s a hassle, but the results are worth it.

  2. I think you and I are the only two women on all of the Earth that do not care about wine LOL! It’s nice to see I’m not just the weirdo outsider on that hahah 🙂

    I just ADORE that western shirt, Janey! I have been looking for one for quite some time now, but to no avail. It’s either too expensive, too small, or too bland/generic. But I’m not just going to buy the first one I see either; I’ve certainly become more of a vintage connoisseur over the past 12-14 months than I was. I went from buying anything if I even “kinda” liked it and it was in my size to having a list of things I hope to add to my wearable museum and spending time actually looking for “THE” piece. I actually find it more fun and rewarding! I hope to be showing off my own fab western blouse in the near future! And of course, it goes without saying – you look wonderful! Certainly a style inspiration 🙂


    Veronica Vintage

  3. You look lovely, and the scenery is GORGEOUS! I’m glad you’re enjoying the new car. And yes, I do see why you might want to add darts to the shirt. It’s a fantastic color though, wow.

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