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It’s no secret that a good chunk of my wardrobe comes from Buffalo Exchange, the resale chain, as I spent a great deal of time there due to proximity. So when I heard about an upcoming anniversary sale with a focus on western and vintage, I kind of freaked out. Their twice yearly ‘zine upped my level of excitement when I saw their two page spread featuring “what you may find in our traveling Airstream Pop-Up Shop”, which looked as if it had been torn from my personal closet…

Mexican tourist jackets!? Tooled leather pursues!? Fiesta skirts!? Fringe leather jackets!? The anniversary sale is to commemorate Buffalo Exchange being in business for 40 years. To celebrate, Buffalo tricked out an Airstream and told all of their locations to hold back western garments, and garments they thought had an Arizona vibe to them, as the company originated in Tucson. The trailer would travel to each Buffalo location and load up with all of the goodies the shop had been holding back.

As the sale grew closer I began really going through my wardrobe. I was expecting to drop a good chunk of change at both locations. As I have decided to tailor my wardrobe more, it became easier to part with garments that weren’t in that line, and for several weekends I hauled bags to my local Buffalo to rack up some trade credit.

Portland is lucky enough to have two Buffalo stores, one downtown and one just off of Hawthorne, this meant two Buffalo sales! And boy did I come home with a bundle!

I snagged four Mexican tourist jackets, including a magenta one, a color I was missing!

I snapped up several western wear shirts too, some of which were vintage, others of which were new, but I don’t care! Western wear is awesome, regardless of decade. This first one is a 1950s Panhandle Slim, but features a patch for Idaho’s Canyon County Sheriff’s Posse! The grommets on the right, in the green diamond, are for your badge.

I couldn’t resist this fabulous leather vest, and the label is great too! “Lady Scully” – meaning it was made by the prominent western wear manufacturer, Scully, but designated for women.

While there were lots of skirts, including some patio skirts, however none in my size. So I only came home with one skirt, but boy is it a doozy! The print features covered wagons, horseshoes, saddles, spurs, branding irons, cacti and more!

There were lots of fabulous accessories in the trailer too! And I bought a wonderful black tooled leather purse, some swell belts, a pair of boots, a pair of tooled leather heels, and a faux turquoise bracelet.

Overall I am very, very happy with my purchases! And have so many outfit ideas that include many of these pieces.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to dabble in the western wear, check out Buffalo Exchange’s website to see if this trailer full of western goodies is headed your way soon!

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