Fernandina Beach

Today a bunch of the significant others, including myself, went on a river cruise through the marshes between Florida and Georgia in the area around Fernandina Beach. I was hoping we’d catch a glimpse at an alligator, but, alas, that did not happen. Although we did see dolphins (sadly, I wasn’t able to capture anything but their fins, not too exciting), real wild horses, a few birds, glimpses at the ruins the Dungeness mansion (that I desperately want to go visit, because it is exactly the kind of stuff I can’t get enough of!) and lots and lots of Spanish moss.

After our cruise we ate lunch together, then had a brief period of time to ourselves to walk around downtown Fernandina Beach. I popped into a few antique malls, but walked out empty handed, but did take a few snaps of some of the town’s lovely buildings.

6 thoughts on “Fernandina Beach

  1. So pretty! I lived in the Tampa area for four years and to tell you the truth, we got down to Miami ONCE but other than that, didn’t really seek out neat places like this. I wish we had after seeing your photos here and The Girl With the Star Spangled Heart’s!

  2. I’ve never really thought about visiting Florida. With the heat and the humidity (and all of the crazy things #floridaman get up to), it never seemed like my kind of place. I’m loving your photos from this trip though. It looks like such an exotic place, which probably sounds like an odd thing to say about an area of my own country…

    • I totally agree! I never really thought I’d want to go to Florida either. The humidity is crazy there, I will agree!

      I totally understand by what you’re staying on exotic, even though it’s within your own country. The south is certainly unlike any other place in the US! There is a lot of influence from the Spanish in Florida.

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