La Carlotta

Well, I’m home from Florida! Sadly, I didn’t get that much shopping in, but I did have fun seeing the sights and lounging around on the beach. Just before I left something absolutely delightful came in the mail, which I am so happy to finally share!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. To those who have been long time readers of my blog, you’ll remember my trip to San Francisco where I pretty much forgot about shopping altogether and focused instead of tracking down the filming locations from Vertigo. And even visiting Mission Dolores in a grey suit, although sans the hummingbird pin, which has since been remedied, but a revisit has not occurred. Additionally, I’m the type who wants to get her hands on movie prop replicas, and for years I have searched for a reproduction of Carlotta Valdes’ necklace.

Recently I was on Pinterest I saw someone pin a replica of the necklace from Rosemary’s Baby. The pin reminded me it was time to look for a Carlotta necklace again and I screamed out loud when I actually found one. Good thing I was in the privacy of my own home. I promptly ordered the beauty and it arrived the day before we left for Florida. Hollie Gofightly, the website I found the necklace specializes in making jewelry that is inspired by movies and television shows, including Lily Munster’s classic bat necklace, and even a charm bracelet inspired by Friday the 13th! Her site it worth a peek, especially if you dig horror!

The Carlotta necklace from Hollie Gofrightly is almost an exact duplicate, with only a few exceptions, such as the original has more gold around the teardrop stones and has stones going around the larger stone in the middle. But I’m personally fine with the differences. I’m in no position to hire a jeweler to make me an exact replica, nor do I possess the skills to make the necklace myself, otherwise I would have done that ages ago!

The pendant arrived on a long chain, as seen here, which was fine for this particular outfit, which I wore out with some friends last night, but I think I’ll put it on a shorter chain for other ensembles. Now I just need to get my mitts on the dress Judy wears in the film’s haunting conclusion!

Blouse: Living Threads Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Bettie Page Clothing (now Tatyana)
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstrom
Tooled Leather Clutch: Birthday gift from my dad
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Earrings: 4TheLoveOfVintage
Bangles: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
La Carlotta Necklace: Hollie Gofrightly

11 thoughts on “La Carlotta

  1. No way!!! I can’t believe you actually found a copy, that’s amazing. I love tracking down things I see in films too, but have terrible luck generally. I am putting this fabulous necklace on my Christmas wishlist, as think the shipping to the UK will make it a bit more pricey than a gift-to-myself purchase. You look stunning. P x

  2. Oh Janey! Yay on this score and thank you for sharing that shop bc now I have to search through it and see if I find anything but I have a feeling I will want everything! When I go to Cali (hopefully next summer) there are a few movie related places I need to go to as well. Great classic film fans think alike! I love it! And congrats on finding it!!! xox

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