Saturday Night at the Drive In

Yesterday was a friend’s birthday, and we went to the drive-in to celebrate. One of the great things about celebrating the birthday at the 99W drive-in is that you can tell those working at the snack bar and before the movie they will announce everyone’s birthday and what ensues is an orchestra of “Birthday Beeps” – patrons wishing you a happy birthday with their horns. So after our friend’s name was announced multiple cars proceeded to honk their horns 26 times (telling your age is optional). It was all sorts of awesome.

I had been doing organizing around the apartment prior to going to the drive-in, and opted to be as comfortable as possible when it came time to leave; wearing one of my new favorites, a tee by Los Angeles based designer and manufacturer Nudee Dudee, who specializes in making beautiful vintage repro garments, and a pair of Freddies. I didn’t want to fuss too much with jewelry or make-up really, so I just tossed on a copper bracelet to reflect the belt I had on, and slapped on some lipstick, since I feel naked without it these days. I think a really common misconception about vintage is that it’s all skirts and big hair and it’s a huge fuss to get dressed. That really isn’t the case. A blouse and a pair of Freddies is instantly fashionable (seriously, I get so many compliments on my Freddies) but also incredibly comfortable.

Tee: Nudee Dudee, Wanderlust, Portland, Oregon
Jeans: Classics by Freddies of Pinewood
Mocs: Thunderbird by Minnetonka
Beaded Belt: Don’t recall…
Copper Bracelet: I think some antique mall in Yucca Valley…But not sure…

5 thoughts on “Saturday Night at the Drive In

  1. What fun! Wish we had a drive in in my area. You always look great in Freddies. I’ve mentioned before you were the one that inspired me to by a pair. And I love that top. I checked out her etsy shop, she makes some darling pieces. And belts!!! I’m always searching for these kind to match my dresses/skirts that have lost theirs.

  2. we don’t have a drive-in around but an outdoor cinema. you can bring your own chairs or you can have some sun chairs from the movie theater …i hope we make it tthere thsi summer, when the man is back from touring and visiting his family.

    i love your casual vintage look.

  3. Thats such a great outfit. The pants look great on you, like you said also comfortable which must have been great for running errands. I have never been to a drive in, there was never one close enough. I really am dying to go and I think my boyfriend and I are going to try to make the 40 minute drive to go to one!

    • The 99W is roughly 40 minutes as well from us. If we decide to go during rush hour though, it’s been known to take an hour. But it’s totally worth it!

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