Cover Girl

A few weeks ago while at the 99W Drive-In Patrick and I were chatting with Brian, the owner and operator of the 99W. He made mention that a man from Ruralite magazine would be attending working on a piece about drive-ins.

As the evening progressed, Patrick and I made our way back to our car, played some games, and as dusk arrived we were huddled in our coats and a slew of blankets to keep us warm. Despite the cold, I still think sitting outside the car is more comfortable than sitting inside our new Ford Fusion, as great as it is. Then before I knew it the guy from the magazine approached us and was taking our picture. Then a few weeks later I received a message from a friend showing something she received in the mail. And there we were. Patrick and I on the cover!

Thankfully Ruralite also offers a digital copy, and I am able to share the magazine with you all! The story is a breeze to read, and offers a quick, but excellent snapshot of the current state of drive-ins, their history, and highlighting the difficulties in transitioning to digital, touching on Honda’s Project Drive-In, which is how the 99W has been able to keep its gates open. You can read the article here (click “Drive-Ins: The Sequel” on the left grey menu bar).

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