The Summer Wind

Over the weekend Julie of FabGabs hosted the monthly get-together, Church of Sinatra, at her home. As it is summer, she kicked off the evening a little early and we barbecued hot dogs and grilled some veggies while cocktails were mixed up.

It was a lovely evening spent around a small fire as it got slightly chilly as the evening went on and we chatted. Jesse of Brighter Bakelite was there, and I got to take a peek at some of his delightful pink beauties that he was gearing up to list, but not before Sarah of Simply Vintage put them on her arm and took ’em for a test run herself. It’s hard to resist pink Bakelite!

Patrick snapped a few pictures near the end of the evening, after I tired on a few of Julie’s garments from her shop’s inventory that are slated for her upcoming photoshoot. (Let’s just say I have my eye on a Shaheen that would have come home with me if Expo weren’t coming up!)

Blouse & Hair Flower: Don’t recall…
Red Slip: FabGabs
Skirt: Which is actually part of a suit! House of Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Snood: April’s Bag
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Bracelet: Gift from my dad
Shoes: Aris Allen,

Patrick’s Shirt: BillyGoat Vintage, Portland, Oregon

10 thoughts on “The Summer Wind

  1. Oh, how lovely! I’m loving the patriotic feel to your outfit! I was super bummed I couldn’t make it, although I did get to spend my weekend hanging out with a slightly overweight Yorkie!

  2. Wonderful early July outfit, dear gal. I adore the truly timeless palette of red, white and blue you’re rocking here. Oooh, I’ve swooned of AA’s stellar shoes for years! May I ask, as I don’t (yet) own any myself. Do you have to alter them (the soles, I mean) in any way to make them more suitable for street wear or can you wear them as is, so to speak, right off the bat?

    ♥ Jessica

    • Jessica, I haven’t altered the soles of my shoes yet, but I do need to make an effort to do so, as if I don’t they will wear through rather quickly.

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