California Bound

So I’ve debated when to post this…now, or after all of our road trip posts, but I think I’ll go with now. Some of you may have noticed that our trip to California was a bit long. And that is because Patrick and I were on a secret mission! And that mission was successful! We are moving to California! Orange to be exact! And I couldn’t be more excited!

This is a move I’ve wanted to make for a few years now, but it wasn’t possible until now, mainly do to Patrick’s unique job situation (tech start-ups and acquisition transitions are quite complex) and I am thankful that we are now capable of making such a move, and I am thankful for Patrick’s willingness to try this huge shift.

I expressed the desire to move to some in my social circles, some of whom were California transplants, and they became nothing but Negative Nancys about it, and as the notion became more of a reality, I began to button up about it. So if you’re one of those who is wondering why I would ever leave Portland, the mecca of vintage, here are a few reasons.

First off I’m bored. So bored that I am teetering on the verge of depression. The truth is, that aside from vintage shopping there isn’t much else for me to do here. And vintage clothing isn’t all there is to life. And in fact, the frequency of my shopping was causing problems, mainly with space. And while I have a new found love of sewing, it too creates more garments, though at a slower rate. While Portland, and Oregon in general, has a lot of offer with regards to the outdoors, such as skiing, snowboarding, camping, rafting, hiking, that just isn’t my scene. I’m a history and film geek, I enjoy museums, visiting historical landmarks and filming locations. Oregon’s history is dullsville to me, and doesn’t offer much with regards to film history. California meanwhile is rich in history that is actually appealing to me. Additionally, there are way more museums, not just on California history subjects, but on general subjects that don’t have museums in Oregon, like neon museum or an entire museum dedicated to strictly modern art! Both of which Los Angeles have. I realized I could fill ten years of vacations in just California, and I really want to see more of the world, and by living in California, Patrick and I can make day-trips and weekend visits of the long list of places I want to visit, and take real vacations somewhere else.

Secondly, I am tired of Oregon’s trademark rain and evergreens. The rain limits my desire to go outside, as my wardrobe has never been rain-friendly, nor have I ever really seen a way for it to be so without my personality and taste disappearing, and let’s be honest, rain isn’t fun. I began to dread the rain, and the evergreens were boring and creepy. Our multiple visits to California over the last few years solidified a passion for palm trees, cacti and tropical flowers, such as birds of paradise, and I one day hope to have a beautiful garden full of these.

Thirdly, I no longer see a viable career for me here. When I moved back to Portland after graduating from the University of Oregon, I envisioned opening up my own vintage clothing store, but over the last four years I have learned so much by befriending multiple shop owners, and witnessing their struggles. In those four years I became friends with two shop owners to closed their doors, and witnessed two friends open stores, and listened their their woes and struggles, in addition to the already established shop owners I became friends with, and I came to the conclusion I could not be a shop owner, for a variety of reasons. Vintage is getting harder to find and more expensive. And I won’t lie, here in Portland, it can feel rather cutthroat, as we have a plethora of brick and mortar shops, as well as strictly on-line sellers. It takes a special kind of person with an extreme passion for vintage to own and operate a vintage clothing shop, and in witnessing my friends’ struggles, I realized that I didn’t have that passion in me. While I love vintage, I just can’t do what they do to stay afloat. I greatly admire the people I have met who own and operate their own shops, who pay their bills with vintage, but I know I cannot be one of them. Today I have new career goals, and they can only happen in California.

So what does this mean for the blog? Well, there will certainly be a less blogging as we pack up, move and get settled. But I also think this means I will blog more! And more on the subjects I care about! My blog was never meant to be a strict fashion blog, it just became that, and I was growing unhappy with that. I honestly think I will be doing more and wanting to share more, more than just outfits! Visits to filming locations, museums, etc. And what does this mean for my Etsy shop? Well, the shop will go into Vacation Mode sometime soon, and stay in said mode until we are settled, then I plan to continue to keep selling strictly vintage sewing patterns.

To those who were aware that this move was in the works, I thank you for keeping it on the down-low, as I requested. I also want to thank you for all of your kind words of support.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more from our road trip!

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