Disneyland Daze

After three days on the road we checked into our hotel in Anaheim before doing a bit of shopping, but that’s another post! Right now I want to talk about Disneyland!

This trip to Disneyland wasn’t for any special event like Rock Around the Park or Tiki Day, it was a much more relaxed one, a much needed vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth. The days were a complete blur, and instead of splitting them up into different posts for each day, I’m just going to offer a catch-all Disneyland post of our days in the park, including three different outfits!

Early on one day I met up Chip and Dale, who adored my newly purchased ears, but had a bit of an argument as to which side should face front!

They also liked my Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers tee! And I also popped over to Gadget’s Go Coaster and snapped a picture with Gadget. I hope to go as her for Halloween or for a con sometime.

I also did one thing I’ve wanted for awhile, a parasol from Disneyland, especially since they can now do character designs! I opted for my name, Mickey shaped balloons, castle, and Maleficent, since she is my favorite aspect of my favorite show at Disneyland, Fantasmic.

I can seriously never get enough Disneyland. There is so much to do, see and experience.

Day One Outfit
Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Tee: Ebay
Black Clam Diggers: Hollywood Babylon, Portland, Oregon
Mocs: Minnetonka
Chip & Dale Ears: Disneyland
Purse: Target (a last minute in Anaheim buy as my original purse broke!)

Day Two Outfit
Blouse: The Brick Basement, Fullerton, California
Shorts: Patti Smith West, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Don’t remember!
Cowboy Hat: Disneyland

Day Three Outfit
Disneyland Tee & Parasol: Disneyland
Shorts: Patti Smith West, Portland, Oregon

10 thoughts on “Disneyland Daze

  1. What fun! It looks like you had some sunny and relaxing days in the park. You look absolutely darling all three days, but I particularly love your Day 2 outfit, and the Disney cowboy hat is such a perfect fit!
    I’ve been threatening Doug that when we get married we’ll have to go to Disney as our honeymoon….

    • Patrick and I did! And I recommend it! The bride and groom Mickey ears are too adorable and you get “Just Married” buttons, not to mention the potential for special treatment!

  2. I really love your Chip and Dale hat! All of your outfits are super cute, and I can’t wait for whenever I can get up to Disneyland so I can get a cute character parasol.

  3. How much did the parasol end up costing? I have always wanted one! Also, whatever happened to your lovely Disneyland circle skirt?

  4. How fabulously fun!!! I love the bright, clear sunshine in these shots. It adds to their cheerfulness and seems, fittingly, straight out of a Disney movie itself. That photo of you between Chip and Dale is just too cute for words!

    ♥ Jessica

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