Rock Around the Park

On our last day in the park this visit, I donned my Zero circle skirt and we joined the rockabilly crowd for Rock Around the Park, a day in which a bunch of rockabilly people get together and go to Disneyland.  We arrived early, being one of the first people in the park, and when this happens, instead of bolting for big attractions such as Space Mountain, I enjoy moseying about and taking photos…lots and lots of photos…

New Orleans Square is my favorite land, and I spent most of the day there.  The Christmas overlay for both the land as well as the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay for the Haunted Mansion is just magnificent.  There are so many delightful details everywhere you turn. If you’re a fan of Nightmare and haven’t been while this overlay is happening, I highly recommend it! The overlay takes 14 days to complete and is done in late September so the Mansion is ready for the Halloween season.  The overlay then lasts just past New Years and is taken down with the rest of the Christmas decor. But please visit Disneyland’s calender prior to planning your visit.

It is also during these months that you can meet Jack and Sally!

I can’t deny that I find it amusing that initially Disney disapproved of Burton’s creation (as well as the original Frankenweenie, both were thought too scary for children) and today both are beloved and embraced.

Midway through the day, all of those who came for Rock Around the Park posed for a group photo in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Patrick, as well as everyone else in my group, insisted on being in it, so I didn’t get a picture. After our photo we all made our way to Pirates of the Caribbean where we all got odd stares and questions. But as is life for a vintage loving gal…

As part of Rock Around the Park, as a group we went to watch Billy Hill and the Hillbillies perform at Big Thunder Ranch.  While all of the boys are named “Billy”, the lead member said how delighted he was to see all of us rockabilly people, despite how “scary” we all looked.

These guys are highly entertaining, as well as extremely talented.  So if you’re a fan of bluegrass and you’re in Disneyland, I highly suggest seeing them!

Also at the performance of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies we picked up our Rock Around the Park 2012 pins! How swell is that!?

There were many other group oriented events, including a concert by Rumble King at the Tomorrowland Terrace, and post-park drinks at Trader Sam’s, but instead I voted to spend more time in New Orleans Square, soaking up the jazz and eating pumpkin beignets.

I think I rode the Haunted Mansion so many times I lost track…there is just so much to look at both inside and out!

That about wraps it up. Big Disneyland buffs should stay tuned for a bonus post a little later today! And look for the entry with our 120 photos tomorrow!!

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