Disney Daze

Our second day at Disneyland was split between Disneyland and (rather reluctantly on my part) the new Buena Vista Street portion of California Adventure.

When California Adventure opened, I really didn’t care for it. It lacked the charm (as well as the history) of Disneyland. But now, a lot has changed.  The original, tasteless entry area of shops has now transformed to an idealized version of Los Angeles during the 1920s and 30s (the period in which Walt Disney arrived) and totally transports guests just like when they enter Main Street USA in Disneyland.

But while California Adventure has finally elevated itself, I still couldn’t bring myself to dedicate much time to the area (Although, I must admit, I missed a few things on Buena Vista Street that Daveland has so meticulously photographed on his blog on his most recent visit), I just needed to get over to Disneyland.

The attention to detail at Disneyland is unmatched by any other amusement park, and sometimes you truly can’t appreciate the detail unless you spend a few days or visit often.  One of my favorite details is the Main Street alley where the lockers are. There are three windows that if you listen you can hear what is happening inside!  Additionally, the architecture and signage is just stellar.  So, if you have a moment, look around, listen, and play around with the old-time amusements that are in the arcade!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pictures!

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