The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!

Yesterday was another theme-day at Disneyland, Rock Around the Park, a day for those who have a mutual love of rockabilly and Disneyland to get together, meet and have a rockin’ good time at the Happiest Place on Earth. In the days leading up to Sunday I had a growing concern I wasn’t going to make it, as I was in the beginning stages of a cold, and today I am most certainly paying for the Day-Quil fueled fun I had, despite leaving the park early after only a little bit of fun and socializing. Cutting the day short also meant cutting the photos short. So there are really just a handful of my outfit.

I wanted to play up the “billy” aspect of rockabilly, while also wanting to incorporated Disney themes into my outfit. While I initially wanted to make another felt circle skirt, the predicted 82 degree and sunny weather thwarted those plans and I instead made a brooch. Though my skirt plans are still on the table. Inspired by one of my favorite attractions, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a roller coaster runaway mine train through gold rush country, I settled upon my gold rush skirt and made a brooch of the attraction’s beloved dynamite chewing goat.

I also swung by to say hi to Disneyland’s resident donkeys and goats over at the Big Thunder Ranch, where you can also visit with goats and horses, and sometimes meet Woody and Jessie. Big Thunder Ranch often gets overlooked by the average Disneyland guest, but it is a nice place to stop by if you have the time and love animals.

Like most group events at Disneyland, a group shot in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is a must, but we hit an unexpected snag, Disney Park’s Frozen Christmas Celebration was being filmed (though to air Christmas day) right smack dab in front of the castle!

And I was amused when I caught sight of the teleprompter. The Christmas spirit was indeed in full swing, and it was very warm with the sunshine beating down on guests. We watched “television magic” happen for awhile, though not new to either of us, having dealt with Heroes of Cosplay filming at Wizard World Portland. But entertaining never the less to witness, and I look forward to catching the special on ABC when it airs Christmas day.

Due to the filming, our group shot was relocated to the Mickey flowers, sadly it doesn’t look like a group shot has been uploaded yet. Right now the next theme day we’re slated to attend is Dapper Day (FINALLY!) which will happen in March, but who knows what will crop up between now and then!

Meanwhile I’m going to crawl back onto the sofa with my Jamba Juice, cough drops and continue my binge watching of Zorro. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Blouse: Living Threads, Portland, Ore.
Skirt: Cheshire Vintage
Cowboy Hat: Disneyland
Brooch: Made by me!
Shoes: Re-Mix via a rummage sale

16 thoughts on “The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!

  1. Seriously, that is the cutest outfit ever!! I love, love, love the billy goat brooch!!! You need to make more and sell them, and I’ll be your first customer! 😀 I hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Honestly it’s a lot of word-of-mouth! Sometimes I just catch something someone said on Twitter or Facebook, or someone tells/invites me. There is currently an Instagram account called “unofficialdays” that posts pictures and dates of upcoming theme days at Disneyland. They also have a Facebook I hope that’s of help! And I hope to maybe bump into you at one of the events!

      • Thanks, I’ll see if I can find the “unofficial days”. I’d love to come.

        As a matter of fact, we did meet yesterday evening briefly! We were waiting for the Mickey tram and my husband looks like your cousin. 🙂
        I wasn’t dressed vintage, just the hair and makeup.

  2. Oh, I know the feeling of forcing the way through a day with Dayquil! Thank goodness you’ve plenty of time to rest up now. I love your whole outfit (you’re getting a lot of mileage out of that hat! It’s always perfect for your Disney looks!) and the dynamite goat pin is fantastic. Perhaps the next step is scaling up to a circle skirt with desert scene and dynamite goat…?

  3. Your billy brooch is adorable! Very well put together outfit, as always! Keep those Disneyland pictures of coming. I can’t wait until I return next.

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