At Home in Orange Part 2

While I haven’t been feeling too hot these last few days I finally felt good enough to snap some pictures of our bedroom at our new place! Our bedroom got a bit of a western theme, as I couldn’t pass up this massive covered wagon black velvet painting my dad found, which set the tone for our bedroom. My dad also found this marvelous western states pillow.

While nearly our entire bedroom is Heywood-Wakefield, our bed is still a simple Hollywood frame, mainly because all of the Hey-Wake beds I’ve come across have been fulls, not queens. While new Hey-Wake beds are currently being made in a variety of sizes, we’ve had to hold off, due to their rather large price tag. Currently two hotel Hey-Wake nightstands (Hey-Wake hotel furniture features formica tops) flank our bed. While I have never been super keen on them, I found them in high school and they were incredibly cheap, so I couldn’t pass them up.

The chair in the corner is not Hey-Wake, though it matches well. The secretary originally sat in our kitchen at our home in Portland, serving as a bar, but here is serves as a wonderful bookshelf, and additional dresser. Like our coffee table, the table in the corner came from our friend who was selling his Hey-Wake collection. Shortly before moving, when we had already decided upon a western theme for the bedroom I found the smaller black velvet desert scape, and hung it above our dresser, acting almost as a backdrop to our “pet” jackalope, Mr. Van Cleef.

Three of my favorite Disney characters fit well into the western theme too, and are all represented. Slue Foot Sue, of the Pecos Bill cartoon is featured in both the framed record above my vanity, a recording of the show at the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland, back when it was still called Slue Foot Sue’s Golden Horseshoe. And to the left of my vanity is a recent Disneyland purchase of a Disney artist who combined Pecos Bill and Slue Foot Sue seated along the buildings of Rainbow Ridge, with Big Thunder Mountain towering in the distance. To the right of my vanity is home to my Zorro collection, and on my vanity is a ceramic Ferdinand, who holds some of my hair accessories and rings.

To the right of the dresser you can see into our closet, it’s a walk-through closet, as on the other side is the master bathroom.

That wraps up our bedroom! Our office/sewing room is still in a sorry state, but is coming together. I’m not sure if it will be shared or not, as it is a much more practical room than it is charming. But one day I may share it! And you can see where all of the magic of blogging happens!

Now I think I shall retreat back to the sofa with my bundle of blankets, Jamba Juice and TV. We have some swell weekend plans lined up that I hope to follow through with if I can make this cold of mine disappear!

17 thoughts on “At Home in Orange Part 2

  1. It’s so nice to see you so happy. I can see through your Instagram and blog how much you are enjoying your “new life”. Wishing you the best! I love your vanity!

  2. I love it! Especially your velvet paintings. I picked up a huge velvet painting mine is with flowers, I especially like the wooden frames around them, mine was signed, Mexico. I know what you mean about hey wake bed issue. Since I bought mine as a whole bedroom set I got the full head and footboard. I had a queen mattress but I wanted to make it work so I found a frame adapter that fit a full bed but has special attachments to hold a queen mattress. So problem fixed, fits perfect and can’t even tell a queen mattress is on a full bed. Hope you feel better!

  3. I love it! I’m always amazed when other bloggers do tours of their homes… so bright, airy, and magazine ready! I’m not sure I could accomplish the same with mine. I love the various tidbits and decorations you have scattered around the room, especially the jackalope and his backdrop. I’m also rather drawn to the lamps on your bedside tables. I love the way they match up even though they are different. And I’m rather jealous of your walk-through closet, all those SHOES! All that space!

  4. oh my goodness! i just LOVE your blog and your homestyle. this southwestern/retro decorating has always been one of my very top favorites!!!
    well done, i love it. i think this is my dream home 😀

    my blog>

  5. Complete and total mid-century decor swoon!!! Goodness, your whole home is marvelous, dear Janey. I love the western theme running through this room, very much including the awesome chuck wagon black velvet painting (that instantly makes me think of your great pioneer themed novelty skirt collection).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. So beautiful!!!! All those beautiful and funny details make your home really looked like you! LOVE IT!!!!!
    By the way Sylvain and I will be in L.A. in March and we will go to Viva after that, we hope to be able to meet you again!

    • Thank you! And I would love to meet up with you again! We are in Orange, so about 30 miles out of LA, but would love to swing into the city for an evening!

  7. I love it, and am rather jealous of all your vintage cases too – I’d ordered a set through an Etsy seller, but she appears to have taken my money & not shipped them 😦 Etsy & PayPal are dealing with her, but I’m now having to start the hunt for a set again.

    I hope you feel better, and if you don’t already that you do soon!

  8. this room is so welcoming beautiful! we’re looking for a new flat here in berlin and i really feel frightened about moving again, but we have to …. we need more room so bad! seeing your new place growing into a loving home is really inspiring!

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