Christmas Time Is Here!

Last night I was invited to a wonderful Vintage/Dapper Disneyland Holiday meet-up. I’ve been feeling on the up-and-up with this cold and felt like I could handle an evening at the park. It was a wonderful, small gathering of like-minded people who enjoy dressing up (holiday attire encouraged!) and Disneyland. Unlike a themed “day” with a set schedule that lasts a majority of the day, the meet-up was focused more on socializing and took place in the evening. Patrick and I arrived just at sunset, and were able to snap a few pictures before we lost light. I’m not the hugest fan of flash photography.

After meeting up at the massive Christmas tree on Main Street and snapping some photos, we went to the Plaza Inn for a bite to eat. As the evening went on we wandered around the festively decorated park and received a wonderful abundance of compliments from park guests and cast members alike.

It was wonderful meeting more people who have a passion for fashion of the past, and as you can see I had the delight of meeting people who admire the turn-of-the-century fashion, looking quite dapper.

I was really glad we went, as I’ve been having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit (I think it was the move, as normally I’m very eager to decorate!), and the evening was just the sort of thing to help me along! Now I feel like I can haul out the Christmas boxes (Yay! More boxes!) and get started!

Coat: Plucky Maidens Junk Fest
Sweater Set: Antique Alley, Portland, Ore.
Holiday Chip & Dale Pins: Disneyland
Belt & Scarf: ???
Purse: Belonged to my grandmother
Tights: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Ore.
Shoes: Red Light, Portland, Ore.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Time Is Here!

  1. Dapper Days at Disneyland looks like lots of fun. Love your great accessories. I know the Millinery tore window much be on Main Street but could you describe just where it is? I have probably walked by it so many times and have never noticed it.

    • Hi Janet! This millinery window is super easy to miss! If you are standing right in front of the Mad Hatter on Main Street, to the left of you will be a big fence gate, the one used for Cast Members and where the parade floats enter or exit. The window is located along side the left portion of the Mad Hatter, along that area of fence.

  2. I haven’t been caught up on my blog reading for a while and I feel very out of the loop on your life. What a good way to spark the interest again. You look fabulous in that green. I love the leopard with it! That group photo is fabulous. Exciting to have so many vintage lovers in one place!

  3. Calling your outfit merely splendidly festive would be an understatement, dear Janey. It’s elegant, vibrant, feminine, becoming, sweet, and seriously beautiful, right down to those absolutely marvelous bow adorned seamed stocking. What a perfect ensemble, and evening, to begin the holiday season with.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I know where I am opening my first millinery store 😉

    I am so jealous of all your disney adventures. As a little girl growing up in the suburbs of Sydney (Australia) I have always dreamed of going there. Then I thought I would at least be able to take my kids – but at this rate I will be 92 before I make it there.

    I am loving everyones holiday party outfits. Despite celebrating Christmas in Aussies summer thanks to all the movies, it just never seems like Christmas without cold & snow. You look absolutely stunning.

  5. Oh my you all look amazing! I’ve really been in a style lull lately since my shoulder surgery (not the easiest to get into most of my clothing right now:-( ), but I have been acquiring new items lately. You have certainly inspired me to up my style game!

    Veronica Vintage

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