Merry Kitschmas!

While I finally finished decorating awhile ago, I hadn’t felt up to photographing, especially since the living room had become a bit of a sick bay for me, complete with blankets, humidifier and mug of tea, Jamba Juice, bottles of Gatorade, and a massive pile of DVDs. But I’ve been feeling better, and as December has arrived, I felt it time to share some of our holiday decor.

The ceramic Mary in the last picture is a new addition, and I adore her to no end. I’m tempted to leave her up year-round. You may have noticed there are quite a number of odd little reindeer. I’m obsessed with these little guys. Most were made by Japanese company Dakin, who created the Dream Pets, a line of kooky looking animals made of velveteen and filled with sawdust. But of course knock-offs surfaced over the years as they became more and more popular. The reindeer are by and far my favorite, and I lovingly call them my “demented reindeer collection”. The current tally is 31.

Like previous years, we managed to get four aluminum trees up! Though two are small, one-footer trees. Our two larger trees are entirely decorated with space themed ornaments, with images of stars and planets on them, and even a few with atoms!

This year took what seemed to be an awfully long time to decorate! I think it was a combination of a new space and being sick. But we eventually found home for everything! Though I won’t be surprised if in our Christmas shopping I come across more festive decor that will be added! Additionally this is the first time Patrick and I have had a fireplace! So we need to get ourselves stockings!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

13 thoughts on “Merry Kitschmas!

  1. Oh gosh we have so much in common its insane! I love everything esp all your dvds hehe I think its important to have fun with each season that comes and holidays and occasions that come as well. If not they can just become boring and a drag. I find decorating physically challenging for me but I did it a bit at a time. The kiddies are starting to join in the helping so that has been pretty awesome. Yay for that haha xox

  2. Oh my, I absolutely ADORE your décor! As you probably already know, I am enamoured with your aluminum trees! If you ever want to let one in your collection go, I would be more than happy to give it a new home heheh 😊 And those reindeer are absolutely adorable – you have spectacular taste, my dear. Glad to hear you are feeling better as well!

    Veronica Vintage

  3. Many years of working clothing retail full time has permanently made me a bit of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas. Next weekend I’ll put up the tree and a minimal amount of decorations around the kitchen and living room and they come down before New Years.

    I hope the Christmas spirit returns to me one day…lol

    Your house looks great! I really like the reindeer.


  4. I absolutely adore all you Christmas kitsch. The reindeer are adorable, I wish I had a collection like this. Maybe some day when the budget isn’t so tight. I’m decorating today and find you décor to be a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing and glad you are feeling better.

    She Knits in Pearls

  5. I always love your Christmas decorations… the aluminum trees are so fabulous! I remember my grandma having one (my aunt has it now) and your posts always make me want to track down one of my own. I agree about your new Mary figurine, she is gorgeous!

  6. Your holiday decor is so fabulously fun and cheerful. I love it all to bits – very much including the vintage Virgin Mary. She looks especially lovely when created in such a strikingly mid-century style. And how cool is it that your reindeer collection now total 31 – one for each day of December.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love your demented reindeer! I have a couple of vintage christmas ornaments, but kick myself every year for letting my mother throw *loads* out – when I was growing up we had loads of those “glitter stick on” glass baubles, as well as some of those ones that have a concave bit on them. Sadly, replacements are hard to come by – or expensive when I do.

    We don’t decorate at home until closer to christmas, though my desk at work has been decorated since Monday, I figure as we spend so much time out of the house there’s not a whole lot of point until we can enjoy it a little more.

  8. Gosh I love your vintage Christmas decor so, so much! There are a lot of other things I’d do if we didn’t have a curious cat (for example we’ve been tree-less for quite some). So I will live vicariously through some of your awesome decorations!

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