Christmastime in Orange

One thing I love about the new city we call home is the old town area of Orange. It’s a charming area of old buildings that are home to a variety of businesses, including many antique malls. The area also has a roundabout that features a small park in the middle, complete with fountain. Earlier today Patrick and I found ourselves running last minute Christmas errands in the area known as “The Circle” or “The Plaza” depending on who you talk to. Old locals will say it’s “The Plaza” and claim only tourists call it “The Circle”. During Christmas the area has garlands spanning the streets, and the park in the center of it all has a large Christmas tree, giant Santa and toy soldier, and nativity.

It was, are you ready for this, 85 degrees F out today! Which is how I managed to get away with just this light weight cotton frock and bolero. It was also a bit windy! Which I wasn’t prepared for when I did my hair today! This dress is one of my favorite items to pull out during the holiday season, and while I would love wearing it as often as possible, not only is it on the delicate side, it fits awkwardly and is a bit short for my usual tastes. I think it is a juniors dress, but I don’t care, because it is beyond cute.

As for Christmas, well, we are not returning to Oregon for the holiday, for a variety of reasons. But tomorrow we will be visiting my sister (and her family; I may get to meet my great-nieces finally. Yes, I am a great aunt twice over at 26 if you can believe it) and grandmother for Christmas Eve, and as for Christmas day, well, I think we may just find ourselves at Disneyland as it will just be me and Patrick. I hope those celebrating have a lovely and safe Christmas!

Dress: Rummage sale
Belt: Bohemian Vintage (now Yours)
Reindeer Brooch: Expo
Bangle: Gift from my dad
Christmas Hair “Flower” (which is really a vintage corsage) & Purse: Don’t remember!
Nude Fishnets: Orobu, Nordstorm
Shoes: Thrifted

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