California Christmas

Over the weekend Patrick and I did a bit of last minute Christmas shopping. We’ve been super busy lately and while getting dressed up to go shopping is always appealing, we were rushing around so I opted for a more casual, but still festive look.

So here’s a somewhat random fact about me, I love Christmas music, and often the funkier the better. I blame my dad, because Dr. Demento’s Christmas album was a staple of my childhood (And every Christmas I change my ringtone to “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”), so I love adding unique and often ridiculous tunes to my already massive collection. Thus I was thrilled to be introduced to some fresh tunes off of the mix Christmas CD that was in Hicksville’s jukebox, including this gem here by Gram Rabbit:

Mexican Tourist Jacket: Don’t remember!
Western Shirt & Cowboy Boots: Buffalo Exchange, Ore.
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
String Tie: Magpie, Portland, Ore.
Silver Bell Earrings: Private Sale
Purse & Belt: Found by my dad
Rings: Gift, Expo, and an antique shop in Astoria…don’t recall the name.

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