When You Wish Upon a Star

Things have been rather quite lately, haven’t they? Well, for good reason! I’ve been rather stressed out as I’ve had several interviews for the beginnings of my dream job. Some of you may have read in my California Bound post that “I no longer see a viable career for me here [Portland] . . . Today I have new career goals, and they can only happen in California.” Well, those career goals are something I’ve kept under wraps, but as I have now achieved the first step, I feel I can finally share some really big news with you all. I am now a Cast Member for the Disneyland Resort.

Working at Disneyland is something I have given great thought to over the years. When I was in college, I saw a flyer for the Disney College Program and thought about doing it, but I had never even done sleep-away camp, and, as I was still very close to home, was fearful of such a dramatic change. Additionally I was in a very good relationship at the time (with Patrick), and I didn’t want to risk losing that. Which was a good move, as we eventually got married. I pushed aside the thought for some time, telling myself it was childish and irrational, along with a slew of other notions, but the idea kept nagging at me, tugging at me every time we set foot inside Disneyland as Guests. As I attempted to go forward with opening up a vintage clothing shop in Portland, I was learning more and more about what it meant to be a shop owner, the rigors of having to quite literally hunt to put food on your table and pay your bills. That wasn’t for me. The more we visited Disneyland the more I realized that freshman college me was right all along, Disneyland is where I should be.

I will openly admit that at this time, I am not fully aware of all of the social media restrictions for Cast Members, so this post may be removed in the near future. I probably won’t know until a month from now, when I begin training and finally start making dreams come true for others. But I couldn’t wait to share with all of you this huge step in my life! It is a true thrill and I am overjoyed!

An important note on future Disneyland posts. Currently I plan to continue my Disneyland posts, sharing things such as tours or other unique events. But keep in mind that anything that is said is my own opinion, and that I do not speak for or represent Disney as a company or any of its affiliates.

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