Care to Drop In?

Earlier in the week Patrick and I decided to spend the evening in Disney’s California Adventure, seeking out their pressed coin machines and enjoying the 60th decorations, as well as grabbing a bite to eat, and I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite DCA attractions, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Just recently they started selling the bellhop hats and I was overjoyed to get one. I also paired the Tower hat and tee with my Hamilton Electric Ventura, the same watch that the Twilight Zone’s creator and host (and one of my favorite human beings of all time), Rod Serling, wore.

Before DCA’s recent transformation, I would only visit just to ride Tower of Terror and get back over to Disneyland as quickly as possible. While Tower of Terror continues to be a favorite of mine, DCA’s new identity, as well as the addition of Cars Land, thrills me and I actually enjoy being in the park. For the 60th, Buena Visit Street (DCA’s equivalent of Disneyland’s Main Street) got the diamond treatment as well, with blue swag bunting and sparking gems.

Shirt & Bellhop Hat: Disney’s California Adventure
Skirt: Naked City, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Belonged to my grandmother
Shoes: Re-Mix
Hamilton Electric Ventura: Coburg Antique Fair, Coburg, Oregon
Purse: Christmas gift from Patrick

12 thoughts on “Care to Drop In?

  1. We live in Florida and we’re just at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars weekend. Our 5 year old wanted to go on the tower of terror so badly but at just 9:30 the wait was over 70 minutes. Funny to see everything so similar knowing it’s in another state!

  2. Very cool outfit!!! Never has a bellhop’s hat looked more chic, stylish or pretty as it does here on you, sweet gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You’re inspired me to try wearing a tee and pencil skirt together, it’s not something I’ve done often over the years and now I want to see if I can look a fraction as good in this combo as you.

    • Hi Andi. As mentioned in the post, it is a Hamilton, the model is called the Ventura. It was originally released in 1957. Yes, it is a man’s watch. There is a link to Hamilton’s website at the bottom of the post, click “Collection” followed by “Ventura” and you will see a variety of interpretations, the “Quarts” one on the second row, second in, is the most similar to the original.

    • It past posts I mentioned he got it at Disneyland (last year, as my Christmas present). Since then though they have discontinued this design.

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