Burrito King

During the week Patrick came to terms that it was time for a haircut. After being disappointed in his previous cuts around Orange, Patrick finally decided to listen to me about seeing one of our friends, as well as former Portland resident, who is a barber at Manly and Sons in LA (and he did a great job, so seriously, listen to your wife, she knows best). Not only is Manly and Sons a swell barber shop, it also happens to be located just around the corner from a restaurant I had been wanting to visit, Burrito King.

Now, Burrito King may not look like much, but it’s tasty and also plays into my continued Gram Parsons pilgrimage list I have. Parsons aptly posed in front of the burrito stand in his Flying Burrito Brothers tee, so I felt a need to make a trek to the location, in, what else, but my Burrito tee.

I must say, my burrito was amazing. I ordered the California Burrito, which was carne asada, cheese, sour cream and French fries. Yeah, French fries. Speaking of amazing, isn’t this tooled leather purse to die for? It’s my latest addition to what has become quite the tooled leather collection, and was recently shipped to me from my dad (Thanks, dad!) as it was a birthday present from a friend back in Eugene.

Flying Burrito Brothers Tee: Worn Free
Jeans: Thrifted
Boots: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Tooled Leather Purse: Gift, from the lovely Lyndsie of Retro Rejuvenation
Belt: Found by my dad
Turquoise Earrings & Large Thunderbird Ring: Ray’s Ragtime, Portland, Oregon
Turquoise Kachina Ring: Living Threads Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Small Thunderbird Ring & Kachina Bracelet: Expo

5 thoughts on “Burrito King

  1. speaking of amazing … everything abouh this post os amazing. the burrito looks amazing, the whole outfit looks amazing and the mexican place looks amazing!!!! Can’t wait to have a real texmex burrito in the US in august …

  2. Gorgeous purse!!! I love tooled leather anything so much and still desperately want a pair of tooled leather heels.

    What great jeans! I love 70s styles like that so much when it comes to denim. Skinnies and the like will never work on me, so I need a little width in the leg and that decade excels at delivering there.

    Have a stellar Sunday!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. That belt is amazing! You are so lucky to have a Dad with excellent vintage taste! Now I’m craving Mexican food!!

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