Mission San Juan Capistrano

One of my favorite things about California history is that of the Spanish missions. It is a goal of mine to visit each of them, and before this last Tuesday, I had only been to three of them. Mission San Juan Capistrano, often described as the “jewel” of the missions, is not too far from us, and is absolutely stunning, so gear up for a pretty gosh darn picture heavy post!

Founded November 1, 1776, Mission San Juan Capistrano is large, and lush, featuring a church, housing, plaza and patio, as well as lush garden, where the first vineyard was planted in California. What was called the “Great Stone Church” was completed in 1806, and offered a beautiful place to worship for six years until tragedy struck on December 8, 1812, when a massive earthquake occurred. The roof of the Great Stone Church collapsed, killing 40 worshipers, as well as the two boys who were ringing the bells. This tragedy makes Mission San Juan Capistrano one of California’s most haunted locations, with various claims of apparitions, and even SyFy’s Ghost Hunters filmed there, capturing compelling evidence. Today the ruins of the Great Stone Church remain, and are one of the few true ruins in America.

Despite the tragedy of 1812, Mission San Juan Capistrano still holds a majestic beauty for visitors to enjoy, and I loved walking around its grounds and learning more about the Native Americans of California, and the Spanish colonists.

Dress: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Belt: Umm… Don’t remember…
Hat: Ricochet, Joshua Tree, California
Shoes: Re-Mix
Purse: Buffalo Exchange
Donkey Brooch & Charm Bracelet: Found by my dad
Turquoise Ring: Expo, I think…

8 thoughts on “Mission San Juan Capistrano

  1. You should check out San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside, CA. That’s in Northern San Diego County. I went there many times as a child for school field trips. The grounds are beautiful as well as the church. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really cool goal! I hope that you’re able to see them all and that you’ll continue to share more with us.

    What a charming, beautiful outfit. That shade of deep slate grey looks awesome on you. I really like that you accessorized with brown. The two marry well and play off one another wonderfully.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. This place is amazing … sadly we won’t make it that far on our trip in August …
    But I hope I will find some more patio dresses, tops and skirts on my trip. As always, you looks absolutely swoon worthy in your cowgirl patio look!

  4. Yeah the missions are amazing. My mom lives right around the corner from the Mission in Sonoma (which is the farthest North they go). Though that one is much smaller then the others.

  5. Oh, your pictures are glorious! It looks like it was a beautiful day, too…. I miss California a little and your posts are a wonderful window to my home state. And your outfit is delightful! Perfect for the weather and I love how you’ve combined brown leather with the black dress.

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