Boo to You!

October is upon us, and over the last week I have ben decorating for Halloween! Last year I didn’t decorate, because we were still settling in, but not this year! So after much hemming and hawing I’ve gotten our place looking pretty spooktacular.

I have a lot slated for the month of October, mostly morbid themed places to visit, as well as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party later this month (sadly, I’ll be repeating a costume from a previous Halloween, but more on that later), and I look forward to sharing them all with you! How about you – have you started decorating yet? How about plans for a Halloween costume?

8 thoughts on “Boo to You!

  1. Thanks for posting your Halloween decorations! My mom had the paper jack-o-lanterns and cats when we were little in the late ’60’s/ early ’70’s. They brought back memories of Trick-or-treating nights past. happy October!

  2. Your place is too stinkin cute! All of your paper decorations remind me of the ones I had when I was a little girl.
    Hmm, Halloween I’ll be at Comikaze. Still not sure what I’ll be wearing that day, but it’ll be fun. And I still need to decorate my room! To the dollar store!

  3. I don’t celebrate Halloween. But at my church we have fall fest every year. Its free and open to the public the more the merrier, an indoor carnival with games, crafts, and tons of free candy. When I am not working on that day I volunteer. We are encouraged to dress up in a costume as long as its not gory, scary, or demonic. The last time I volunteered I went as Liz Parker (the waitress) from the TV show Roswell.

  4. Your place is decorated so adorably. Love the headless horseman painting. We usually decorate the day before Halloween. This year we are going to do a family costume from despicable me. My son is going to be a minion my husband is victor grue and I think I’m going to be lucy Wilde. Hope you guys have a great Halloween.

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