Howdy, New Shoes!

After putting up with several pairs of shoes for awhile, shoes that just weren’t cutting it, I broke down and decided to go on a shopping spree at Re-Mix and at Olvera Street. I won’t lie, I am thrilled to be able to visit Re-Mix’s storefront in LA, because I have never been a fan of shopping on-line, especially for shoes, so we headed into LA for the day. Ultimately I came home with five pairs of shoes, three pairs from Re-Mix, and two from Olvera Street. We paused for some pictures at Olvera Street before heading over to Clifton’s for dinner.

While I see friends bundled in sweaters and boots across the internet, I sit here in sheer blouses and shorts half the time, as it really hasn’t begun to feel like fall in the slightest. Sometimes I wonder, can one suffer from seasonal depression from a lack of seasons? I thought Portland had little fall color, but California has none! And I won’t lie, I kind of bums me out. Oh well. I do love the palm trees though, even though they aren’t fall-y.

Blouse & Purse: I honestly don’t remember…
Skirt: Guerrero’s Treasures & Collectibles Antique Mall, Riverside, California
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstorm
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Western themed Charm Bracelet: Collected charms from years of visiting various shops and shows

6 thoughts on “Howdy, New Shoes!

  1. Ooohh, five new pairs of shoes in one day, that sounds utterly amazing! Congrats on all of your stylish new footwear, these autumn hued beauties very much included.

    I love your skirt! If you should ever happen to have a chance to attend the world famous Calgary Stampede, that would be the absolutely ideal piece to wear for any of the rodeo events there (or really, to any rodeo).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I’m with you on the not feeling like fall. It’s still in the 80s here in Florida although the humidity has gone down a lot.

    And yay for shoes! Can’t wait to see them all. 🙂

  3. Your outfit is so cute!! And oh man, I wanna get 5 new pairs of shoes, can’t wait to see your haul, I bet they’re gorgeous .

    And yeah, when the weather isn’t playing nice (it used to get cool by October by this time) I get really sad about it. It sucks, a lot.

  4. I am so envious of your 5 amazing shoe purchases! I’m itching to get my hands on a pair of re-mix “Lindy” shoes that just got announced for my outfits for dancing. But the dollar in Canada is so bad that I just can’t do it. Might have to wait till VIVA. Wonder if I can convince them to open a store here in Toronto?? 🙂 I hope you share more of your shoe purchases!

    Liz 🙂

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