Of Snakes and Monkeys

Last night Patrick and I attended our third Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. (You can take a peek at the last two years here and here.) Unlike every Halloween since college, where I made a costume, this year I had to come to terms that I didn’t have the time. That, combined with the fact I simply couldn’t decide on what to be! So, I pulled out a costume from a few years ago, and one that has made the cosplay circuit a few items as well, my Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark. While a repeat, I was excited to shoot the costume in Adventureland.

When we entered I was sad to see that the Indiana Jones attraction was down, however it ended up being a blessing in disguise! I asked one of the attraction’s Cast Members if we could shoot photos in the queue while the attraction was closed, and she said yes!

A fun fact is that the truck in the queue is the same one used during the exciting chase sequence in Raiders!

Now, last time I wore this for Halloween, Patrick went as Indy, however, not much of that costume remains. Parts were borrowed from my dad (not easy to get our hands on now), while others were ill-fitting, thrifted garments that Patrick didn’t keep after that year. Thankfully, I’m lucky, and Patrick is actually quite supportive of doing couples costumes, or at least having our costumes come from the same source material. So this year, Patrick came up with the brilliant idea of being Jock Lindsey, Indy’s pilot from the beginning of Raiders, complete with pet snake, Reggie, and fully got into the part too, bless his heart. If you need a refresher on Jock, take a peek here.

We had a delightful evening getting treats and meeting characters, as the Halloween parties are swell times to meet characters who don’t visit often, such as Maleficent and Hades, as well as a time to see what unique costume ideas fellow Guests come up with! The evening rounded out with the Halloween Screams fireworks show, before we hobbled back to our car after a long night.

My Costume
Blouse: New Look Pattern 6892, slightly altered, hand-embroidered by myself.
Pants: New Look Pattern 6132, slightly altered.
Sash: 1/4 of a yard of fabric, trimmed up, sewn in ruching with snaps in back.
Shoes & Monkey: Thrifted
Monkey’s vest: Made by me
Wig (actually a “Wonder Woman” wig): Amazon

Patrick’s Costume
Shirt: Sears, hand painted by me.
Undershirt & Pants: Target
Yankees Baseball Cap & Snake: Amazon

7 thoughts on “Of Snakes and Monkeys

  1. How awesome that you got to take photos in the empty queue! As an Adventureland fan girl I am quite jealous! Great costume and super photos, I am always very impressed by your Marion blouse, that is a lot of embroidery! It was so worth it though! What a clever idea for Patrick to dress up as Jock, the pet snake makes it!

  2. I love that even though this is a costume, you could so totally rock it any time of the year. It looks awesome on you, dear Janey! You both look great, I should say. Three cheers for dressing up!

    Tons of hugs & happy Halloween season wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. You’re kidding?! You embroidered this blouse by yourself?! This is crazy! I have an almost similar looking one with black embroidery from Bulgaria. My bulgarian grandfather gifted it to my granny decades ago. It is a traditional handmade blouse …

    Anyhow, great outfit! Well done!!!

  4. Amazing work on your Marian. I was lucky enough to find a Bulgarian blouse maker to embroider one for me. I love your monkey! I have a much smaller one and would love to get one that is larger. Would you mind letting me know where you got yours? His vest is the perfect touch!

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