Bond…James Bond.

I was first introduced to James Bond at the age of nine. It was 1998, and my dad and I were about to head to Las Vegas for a NASCAR race and he figured I should watch something with Las Vegas in it (this started a life long pattern of watching movies and television that featured locations I would soon be visiting), and he popped in Diamonds are Forever. While hardly the best Bond film out there, I thoroughly enjoyed it (and still do), and it made me look forward to the lights of Las Vegas, and simultaneously got me hooked on James Bond. Fast forward to 2009, where I first saw actor Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Bastards, and I thought “My goodness, wouldn’t he make a great Bond villain?” And just a few years later, Waltz creeps onto the screen as James Bond’s latest nemesis! I was pretty excited, and Bond films always make me want to get gussied up, so may have overdressed for the occasion, but I didn’t care.

This brings me to the notion of being “overdressed”. Which, I honestly never feel is a bad thing. I was brought up in a household where you wore velvet dresses on Christmas morning, never pajamas, and dresses to the theatre (stage productions, that is), and athletic shoes were never worn at restaurants. While I do believe in wearing what you want, I also believe that certain places and certain people deserve a manner of dress. While I will fully admit that what I wore for Spectre falls into the category of being overdressed, I honestly didn’t care. Look, life is a runway, and for most of us, it is the only runway, so don’t ever fear being overdressed.

Coat & Dress: I don’t remember.
Purse: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Necklace: Made by a friend
Shoes: Farylrobin

10 thoughts on “Bond…James Bond.

  1. we are so much on the same page! I believe dressing well elevates the entire event, be it live theater, a movie theater or just going shopping for groceries. Keep it up, we are doing it right!

  2. I highly agree. I sometimes think the moment I walk out of my door I am walking on my own personal run way. Dignity, grace and confidence is key in life. Plus its good to have fun in life too. I try not to look sloppy even on my off days. I’ll do simple quick and easy vintage hairstyles and I never leave the house with out wearing lipstick.

  3. I am so happy when people dress up. We have become a society where it is OK to wear pjs anywhere and I find this disturbing. If you can’t even put on a decent pair of pants to shop, what does that day about the rest of your life. Kudos to you kiddo!

  4. Usually I’m a silent reader of your blog and an admirer of your (South) Western vintage style. I’m quite obsessed with Western and Mexican stuff, but getting them in Europe is rather difficult…

    And let me just say, I totally agree – certain events or people really ask for a certain way of dressing. I was brought up in this: even if it’s a simple place, behave – and this means also, dress properly. Even if all the others don’t, and you seem to be overdressed. I don’t care until today, I rathe prefer to be overdressed and stand out of the crowd than to look neglected.

    Last but not least: You look absolutely fabulous! From head to toe, the dress, the shoes, and most of all, you hair is amazing! This dress is really made for you.

    Regards from Switzerland, Doris

  5. Yooza! That is a great dress! I love that you went “over dressed” to the movies. I too grew up in a household where you dressed up to the theatre, never wore pj’s to the mall or grocery shopping and running shoes were for running, so I get it.

    I hope you got high 5’s and people running home to change after they saw you 🙂

    Seriously…great look.

    Liz 🙂

  6. Va va voom!! You look so elegant and gorgeous! As for being overdressed, I say wear what brings you joy. If others don’t like it, that’s their issue.

  7. Wowza, do you look incredible! This is stunning outfit and one that just sings on you (like a Bond movie song :)), dear gal.

    There’s no such thing as overdressed in my books, so I say have at ‘er!

    ♥ Jessica

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