Imperial X-Mas

Now that Patrick and I have seen the latest Star Wars film, I felt I could now properly enjoy and appreciate all of the items from The Force Awakens that are on view at Star Wars Launch Bay and inside the various shops at Disneyland more. So, I convinced Patrick to take a long lunch break and we went to the park for lunch.

Yeah, I broke down and bought one of the Star Wars “ugly” Christmas sweaters that have been floating around. This one I shockingly bought at Target, against better judgement, but I love it to no end.

This jacket is one of my favorites, and I’m shocked its taken this long for it to appear on the blog. It’s one of my prized pieces and I’ve had it for several years, however one of those years it spent switching between the back porch and garage at my dad’s because it reeked of cigarettes. And seriously, leather is the worst when it comes to ridding it of scents. But it was well worth the wait. Vintage leather motorcycle jackets, especially ladies ones, are extremely rare, so I was willing to put up with the wait of ridding it of the cigarette stench, especially because it was…are you sitting down…? Ten dollars! I KNOW! I had to prevent myself from screaming when I tried it on and it fit perfectly. It was originally from J.C. Penny’s – take a look at this label! Which I believe dates to the 30s. Anyone know for sure?

Speaking of crazy awesome ladies leather motorcycle jackets, my dad actually found another one, though brown, that also fits beautifully, and I look forward to featuring it.

Motorcycle Jacket: Thrifted
Sweater: Target
Skirt: I don’t remember…
Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstorm
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Imperial Officer Cap: Disneyland

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