Order Up!

One of the first places I went to in the town of Orange was Watson’s Soda Fountain. I went sometime in the mid-1990s during a family vacation to California. Patrick and I returned several times during our visits to California, because not only was it blocks from Chapman University, where Pat’s little sister was attending college, it was used in one of my favorite films, That Thing You Do! And shortly after moving to the town of Orange we visited often, as it was just a few minutes away and tucked in amongst many antique shops. Watson’s changed hands in late 2015 and closed for an extensive remodel, and just reopened this spring.

Over the weekend Patrick and I, along with several friends went to peek in at the remodel and enjoy a bite to eat. I sadly didn’t get any snaps inside (I will honestly say I am the worst at shooting in restaurants, I get too carried away chatting and eating), but we arrived a little early to take some outfit shots!

In its previous incarnation Watson’s had a 50s soda fountain vibe to it, with red vinyl booths, records, jukebox, and signage. However, Watson’s was founded in 1899, and the new owners decided to turn the clock back to that time period, but there are still some elements of the 50s and even late 60s with some of the other decor they chose. What this also means is that it no longer resembles what it looked like in That Thing You Do!, which is kind of a bummer. The upside is that the horrid blue awning has been replaced and the neon restored.

Sweater: Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, California
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange
Penny Loafers: Thrifted
Purse: Found by my dad
Scarf: ???
Brooch: Albany Antique Market, Albany, Oregon
Charm Bracelet: Gift

4 thoughts on “Order Up!

  1. Such a super cute outfit! I love the nylon scarf as a pop of brighter color and it really ties the whole look together. The restaurant sounds really cool, I’ll have to check it out sometime when I visit California again. I just have to say I envy your super elegant long nails (is that weird?), mine break quite easily as I work with my hands all day most everyday!

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