Gibson Girl Goes to Disneyland

Last Sunday, Pinup Girl Clothing (or PUG, and pronounced like the dog, as it is affectionately called) hosted Pin-Up Parade in the Park, their themed day at Disneyland Park. It’s a day to celebrate pin-up style, while, preferably of course wearing PUG’s stuff, and enjoying the park with many, many vintage and retro loving gals. I honestly own four, yes, four pieces of PUG, all of which are skirts. Two plain solids and two prints. So I decided to actually repeat an outfit I wore not too long ago for a Farrell’s visit, my 50s take on the Gibson Girl, which worked perfectly for Disneyland as Disneyland has the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. (Seriously, what’s with Gibson girls and ice cream?) And the Gibson girl is considered to be the very first pin-up girl! So, perfect combination! I also knocked out a Gibson Girl parasol for the day too, as the sun was blazing and temperatures reached 90s degrees fahrenheit. I came up with a variety of ideas when working on the Gibson Girl parasol, but ultimately settled on just doing the most iconic image, and the one used on the sign outside (it also happens to be the image that was chosen for the Gibson Girl USPS stamp made in 1998).

One of the highlights of the day was trivia! PUG hosted Disney themed trivia questions and gave winners “gift codes”, codes that gave the winners credit toward on-line purchases in varying amounts. I won twice, once on a $75.00 question, and again on a $500 question. Patrick also pitched in and scored me another $75 code! So, looks like I’m going on a PUG shopping spree! Do any of you have a favorite PUG item? If so, please share! There are many reasons why I don’t own a lot of PUG items, but two of the reasons are one, I really suck at on-line shopping (and their brick-and-mortar shop sells very few items from their site), and two, what I have tired on dress wise fit rather terribly, hence why I only have skirts! So I am really looking forward to hearing your opinions if you have ’em! As well as giving more of their stuff a shot.

Look for another Gibson Girl inspired outfit soon, as we are going to Farrell’s for my birthday later this week!

Vintage Nylon Blouse: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: Re-Mix
Cameo: Don’t remember…
Parasol: Made by me

10 thoughts on “Gibson Girl Goes to Disneyland

  1. Janey, you are such an incredible artist! That rendering of the iconic Gibson Girl is stunning – much like your whole beautiful outfit here. Huge congratulations on winning such big prizes on the trivia contest. Way to go! I hope you have a super blast spending your winnings.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You’re two PUG pieces ahead of me. I own a skirt (which is borderline too big, though can be wrangled with a belt – I do debate selling it sometimes because of the size factor, but haven’t yet) and a dress. Between the horrid state of the Canadian dollar in recent years and the huge import/customs fees and steep shipping costs at the best of times, buying from PUG is usually beyond my budget. Were it not, I’m sure I’d own numerous more items from them.

  2. You looked so beautiful, loved your artwork on your parasol! I own 5 PUG pieces- 2 skirts, a trench coat, the Alice in Wonderland dress(I don’t remember the style name, shelf bust with spaghetti straps), and a pair of cigarette pants. All fit well except the pants. The dress I had to size down on as my rib cage is narrow, and medium fit sloppy. I had the luxury of being able to try the different sizes on at their stand during the last fall Dapper Day, and also the great prices. Even though I also got to try on the pants at the same event, impulse buy got the best of me. They fit only meh as the rise is short, they hit below my natural waist, and the front has pleating which causes an odd “tenting” when I sit, but they’re animal print and have pockets so that was the override on sensibility. Have a wonderful time spending your credits, I’m absolutely green with envy!

  3. This outfit is so amazing! And I actually own quite a lot of PUG and I love their clothes, it’s honestly really hard to pick a favorite. I do have the unlucky measurements of being right in between two sizes so I always have to have some of my things tailored, but the construction of their garments is so wonderful that I don’t really care. Though the Pele Dress (which was sadly discontinued) has the best fit and construction of all of my dresses and the most amazing Parrot print!

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