Museum of Neon Art

Over the weekend Patrick and I spent a day shopping in Burbank (I came home with quite a few goodies which will show up sooner or later on the blog, I’m sure) followed by a visit to the Museum of Neon Art. I would likely say that signage from the mid-20th century is my favorite art. Neon is simply spellbinding to me.

Interested in seeing what the museum has to offer? Keep reading!

MONA is quite small when compared to most museums, and is a nice addition to a day spent shopping or grabbing a bite to eat. It honestly took us around 45 minute or so to walk about the museum and read the details about the signs and those of the current photography exhibit, with showcased Instagram users. But it’s totally worth a visit. These signs are both works of art and incredible pieces of Americana.

I know what a lot of you are wondering and about to ask, especially those who have been to Las Vegas “Have you been to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas?” Well, we were slated to go on our last day in Vegas last year, but Patrick got so sick during that trip that he didn’t feel up to it, despite us already having tickets. So, trust me, next trip to Vegas, it’s happening.

Scarf: I don’t remember…
Blouse: Buffalo Exchange
Shorts: Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, California
Purse: Flea market
Shoes: Re-Mix

6 thoughts on “Museum of Neon Art

  1. You should take their Neon Cruise tour. They load you up on a bus and drive around to view lots of great neon signs all over Los Angeles.

  2. Love (!) your sweet, fun shorts and blouse outfit. I have a photo of my maternal grandma, c. 1950, in a very similar ensemble, so I adore it all the more for that reason.

    Neon signs rock! If you have a chance ever while in Vancouver (BC), I highly recommend checking out the permanent exhibit of local ones there.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  3. That’s awesome! We have a giant neon sign standing on the side of the highway for a steakhouse that closed a couple years ago… and when I say giant, I mean two-story-tall saguaro cactus emblazoned with the restaurant’s name! The steakhouse was torn down, but the sign is still there… I heard rumors that someone wanted to ship it to Vegas, it would only be right…

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