The Magic of the Movies

Back in March Patrick and I got passes to Universal Studios, and while I have been a handful of times between then and now with some of my friends, Patrick had only gone twice so far. So, over the weekend we went and I got dolled up in a vintage inspired Ravenclaw ensemble and we enjoyed a day at Universal Studios. I also took my first Harry Potter inspired parasol for a spin, which I made awhile ago real quick when some of my friends and I went on an extremely hot day.

I often insist on doing the Studio Tour every visit, as your route can change visit to visit depending on what is being shot on the backlot. During this visit we had an extensive spin around the Mexican Street, the western area of Six Points, and the European Village area.

First, I adore the Universal Studios Tour. I love any backlot tour really. I love looking at the complex closeness of all of the different sets. I also love seeing the locations of where some of my old and new favorite movies and TV shows were filmed. This visit was extra enjoyable as we took an extended look at the Mexican Street and Six Points, which we found great as Patrick and I have been watching HBO’s Westworld (a continuation of the original 1978 film), which has used both areas. Westworld also uses Paramount Ranch which we visited last April. Additionally, my favorite Lady Gaga video, “Judas”, was shot on the Mexican Street as well.

The European Village area remains a staple of the Studio Tour because it is where some of the most iconic Universal films were shot, including The Wolfman and Dracula. Today, the European Village area is being used for NBC’s The Good Place, and the often thought of horror set has been given a pastel facelift.

The Studio Tour isn’t without its gimmicks, some of which are okay, others which I really don’t care for. The gimmicks I can get behind are Norman Bates coming after the tram (that is until the tour guide threatens to tell Norman’s mother…) and Jaws…

However their latest gimmick, the Fast of the Furious addition, just irks me to no end, and I personally find just plain tacky. But the chance to see all of the sets from such classics as Jaws, Psycho, and the old Universal monster films, are well worth it.

I won’t lie, I’ve been on a bit of a theme park binge lately for reasons I won’t relay on the blog, but let’s just say they help me cope when things aren’t going to so well. The theme park binging continues tomorrow with a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm as it is the first day of Merry Farm, Knott’s Berry Farm’s holiday celebration.

Peasant Top: Pin-up Girl Clothing
Skirt: Switchblade Stiletto
Shoes: Re-Mix
Spectrespects & Ravenclaw Diadem necklace: Amazon
Parasol: Made by me

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