Jackalope Jamboree

Some of you may already know of my love of the mythical creature the jackalope, so it was no surprise when Erstwilder released a jackalope brooch I just had to get my hands on one!

Now unlike so many of my vintage loving friends, I’m actually not the biggest fan of Erstwilder’s stuff, as I feel like their use of varying patterned plastics creates too much texture within a brooch. I’m also super picky about the jackalope stuff I buy, because there is some weird, not so cute stuff out there, but thankfully, this jackalope only featured limited use of patterned plastics, and overall was a really cute design.

During a recent visit to Knott’s Berry Farm, I began talking with one of the women who works at Leather Shop, where I am now fully addicted to their leather barrette. Seriously, they offer an amazing selection of unique stamps (most of which are western themed) and they make you your very own custom leather barrette right there! I spied a rabbit stamp and talked about how I wish it were a jackalope, and the girl said “I can do that.” And she did! I was so excited! And it turned out super amazing! It was the perfect addition to my outfit.

She shared with me other custom ones she had done, and we got talking and soon I settled on wanting to make one featuring an element from my favorite show The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., and she was able to complete that as well, so I hope to share it soon!

I want to thank all of you who commented on my last post. It was very wonderful to hear your thoughts, struggles, and encouragement. I really love the community blogging creates, and hope to continue to be a part of that. I’m also working on how I want to share my charm bracelet collection, as that was a highly requested collection to share. It may be a two or three part post, as I do have quite a few charm bracelets, and like with the linens post, I’ll want to take close-ups of some of my favorite charms.

Dress: I don’t remember…
Belt: Found by my dad
Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Jackalope Brooch: Erstwilder
Hair Barette: Knott’s Berry Farm

13 thoughts on “Jackalope Jamboree

  1. Can I ask about your other jackalope brooch? I’m debating between them! Does the other one get caught on stuff? It seems so 3-D.
    Also, speaking of jackalopes, there are several ones you can get on the back of & “ride”. One is at Wall Drug in SD plus there’s a couple in Wyoming (appropriately!)
    I have a stuffed animal one in my classroom & my 2nd/3rd graders are SO on the fence if they’re real or not!

    • Oh, the more like head mounted one? It is suuuper 3-D, but I haven’t had any problems with it getting caught on too much. I usually wear my hair up with it though.

      I’ve only been to only place with a giant jackalope you can sit on, which was at the Jackalope bar in Austin. I got a wretched picture, otherwise I would have blogged about it! But Wall Drug is on my list! I want to go so badly!

  2. My boyfriend’s family- specifically his sister and his late father were huge fans of the jackalope! The pin is great. I love the leather barrette; stamped leather does not get enough love anymore! I love charm bracelets and am looking forward to seeing your collection.

  3. Great outfit, Janey!

    I think some of the Erstwilder brooches are a bit too complicated but I have their “Bluebird” design in red and I love it.

    • Thank you!

      And, yes! Exactly! Too complicated. I love me some detail, but sometimes I just feel like their pieces are overwhelming with texture and detail that doesn’t add all that much to it.

  4. Nice Jackalope cousin! May I say that the Jackalope is the official symbol of one of my all time favorite bands, Miike Snow. A band whose members include no one name Mike (or Miike for that matter) and no one with the last name Snow. Keep up the great work! Much love.

    Always your pal,
    Amazon Belle
    (AKA – Cousin Matt)

  5. I love your dress here, and especially how you have paired it with brown leather accessories. Sometimes I wonder if brighter colours really pair well with earthier tones, but this outfit proves that they can do so successfully!
    The gingham detail on the skirt is really a nice touch, and the dress suits you so well.

  6. How lovely to get a handmade barrette. This dress is lovely, I like how the fabric from the top runs through the skirt. Great look with the boots.

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