Christmas Time at Our New House

Decorating for Christmas took longer than expected at our new house, but it’s all finally up and I’m basking in the joy of multiple sparkling vintage aluminum Christmas trees, glittering ornaments, and the sounds of Christmas music. These shots will also be the first real look you’ll get to see of our new house with furniture!

We’re still very much settling in. We have yet to find something to hang above the fireplace, so it feels a bit like an empty void, but hopefully we will find something soon. I’m hoping for a mid-century metal sculpture. The office and guest room remain in states of some chaos, as the office requires some actual construction work down the road. You might spy in some of the photos a brown portion of a wall in the background. At some point in time a previous owner removed part of the wall between a bedroom and the hallway near the living room, and put it accordion doors. While a nice idea if you wanted to use the space as a den, and extend your living space, Patrick uses this room as his office, and it isn’t all the sound proof when it comes time for him to have a conference. Also, this house lacks a coat closet, so all of our coats are in the guest room closet. Soon we plan to rebuilt the wall, but put in a coat closet so guests will actually have a place to put their clothing when they visit. As for the guest room, I’m awaiting my dad to visit who will arrive with my two twin Heywood Wakefield beds I used when I was in high school. I found the pair super cheap, and as my parents are divorced, I needed two! So soon they will find a new home in the guest room so finally guests will have a real bed the sleep on in a real guest room! As opposed to an air mattress on the floor of the living room, as it used to be!

As for outside, we just put up some classic C9 (you know, the big bulbs?) Christmas lights outside, but we have big plans for next year for outdoor decor! As once again, my dad will be bringing me some goodies, including some of the old blow mold Christmas decorations we used to us.

Are you all decorated for Christmas?

13 thoughts on “Christmas Time at Our New House

  1. Love your mid-century decorations!
    As for having no coat closet- I don’t have one either, and it is such a problem when you have guests over!

    • Probably in late spring. It needs a lot of work. While it has a great covered patio, and some excellent plants around the edge, but it also has many bare planter boxes around other parts and it doesn’t have any grass. So it is going to be a rather big project in the next year.

  2. To answer your question, yes…finally! I just saw that Untamed Youth lp in a Xmas album collectors doc & bought it for my dad off Ebay! (Totally non related but reminded me of you…a Disney Zorro movie is playing on TCM on the 20th & the Peanuts comic strip the last couple of days has gad Snoopy consulting a Beagle Biard aka ouija biard.)

  3. Absolutely adorable in everyday. I have found it tricky to decorate bc of the kids but this year it got trickier bc of the kittens. So I used our small 1960s tree instead of our larger one and just worked around them. They were actually pretty good about it. I find my decor to be retro rustic. I def have to take pics of my decor next year. So fun to look at yours! xox

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