Adventureland Day

Over the weekend Disneyland was met with a new theme day, Adventureland Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the wild jungle of Adventureland. I was super excited about this, because while I love Tiki Day, I love what I call “Adventurer  Chic” more, and this was the perfect excuse!

Since it was on the cooler side, I decided to wear this spectacular vintage leather jacket my dad procured for me but has yet to be on the blog! A shock! I know! And it inspired my whole look, which ended up being a bit of an aviatrix/Amelia Earhart type.

Sometimes I wish clothes could talk, and if they could, I’m sure this jacket would have some amazing stories to tell. It is such an utterly unique piece, and with so many pockets! Including the back! Yes, the entire panel on the back is a large pocket. You can spy the zipper along the ride side in the photo of my back. I also adore the stud details on the back. The jacket has just the perfect amount of wear – it’s been beaten, but not to death, and looks well traveled, perfect for adventurer look.

I hope Adventureland Day becomes another annual theme day at Disneyland, because I always love a good excuse to put on a good lady adventurer look.

Adventureland Day was put together by the talented Tiki Tony. And you can like Adventureland Day on Facebook to stay up to date on future events.

Leather Jacket: Found by my dad
Scarf: I borrowed it from Pat…it’s vintage…not sure where it came from though.
Tie: Thrifted
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
H bar C Slacks: Paper Moon, Los Angeles, California
Belt & Ring: ???
Shoes: Re-Mix

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