Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

For the most part I’ve never much cared for Valentine’s Day. Never really celebrating or decorating, with the mild exception of using the holiday as an excuse to wear an excessive amount of pink and red. Over the years I’ve seen cute vintage valentines and antique shops and flea markets, but I mostly refrained from purchasing any. However after coming up with the “clothes line” idea for displaying my vintage Christmas cards, I thought it would be fun to do the same with valentines! So over the last month I’ve been shopping at various antique malls and even received a few as gifts, including many of the cute cowboy and cowgirl ones here are from Alison of The Vintage Darling. And while I’ve accumulated enough for a nice little banner, the rest of the house remains pretty normal, so I decided just to share with you a look at part of my collection, like I did with my vintage Christmas card collection, and hopefully this becomes another tradition as my collection grows.

I also fully realize some of these valentines are politically incorrect.

A cowgirl sits on some cacti with text reading Ouch! I'm stuck on you, too, my Valentine!"

A girl dressed as a theater usher with a flashlight and heart shaped pill box hat. Text reads "A glamorous gal's got 'something' that makes her a movie queen - But I've got something she hasn't got."

A girl dressed as an Indian beats a drum with a heart on it. Text reads "You're my chief interest Valentine. My heart beats!"

A blonde girl sits at a film projector, a grey cat sits next to hear. A boy is "projected" onto a heart. Text reads "To my Valentine: You could pass my 'screen text' any day!"

A cowboy dressed in a red shirt and brown chaps, holding a rope. Inside a heart text reads "You're the lass I'll lasso - Valentine"

A girl dressed as a gypsy with her hair in a kerchief that features hearts, holds a tambourine. Text reads "Like a tambourine my heart's rattling for you!"

A cowboy holding a guitar sits on a heart, text reads "I want to round you up for my valentine"

A girl in a red Robin Hood style outfit shoots a bow and an arrow flies from it. Text reads "To my Valentine: I'd shoot my arrow high or low if I could 'draw you' for my 'beau' and so I 'aim to please' you"

A cowgirl in a brown fringe ensemble holding a gun. Text reads "I've begun to love you - Valentine."

A little boy dressed in a sombrero and blanket poncho reads "Hiya Valentine, I wish you'd ;senor' little affection my way!"

A little boy dressed as an Indian waves a blanket over a fire creating smoke rings that look like hearts. Text reads "Just watch my 'smoke' if you say you will be mine! I'm your valentine."

A couple and a dog drive in a red car, a cop stands near the front gesturing to a "One Way" sign. Text on the door of the car reads "No two ways about it"

A girl dressed as an Indian holds a small teepee. Text reads "Valentine, let's you and me build a tee pee"

A donkey carries a basket full of hearts, text reads "Whoa there let's be valentines"

A cowboy holds his hat as he looks at a cowgirl, text reads "I don't mind bein' roped by the right gal"

A girl walks up to a small diner, that reads "Dan Cupid's Lunch Wagon" across the top, a little sign reads "Always at your service" and other text reads "Dan Cupid waits to act as host and 'serve you up' my heart 'on toast'"

A cowboy stands near a large heart, text inside the heart reads "I'll show you a trig-ger two Valentine"

A boy and a girl stand near a large search light. The boy has headphones on, the girl holds a pair of binoculars. A sign nearby reads "H.R.P. Heart Raid Precautions" Other text reads "I'm searching all the night and day to find who stole my heart away -- So far the leads from every clue all point my dear, right straight o you."

A little boy dressed as a matador tempts a bull. Text reads "To my Valentine: Just 'horning' in to ask if you'll be mine!"

A bear dressed as a cowboy with a lasso in the shape of a heart. Text reads "You're my Valentine"

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at my collection! And that you have a lovely Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

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