Have a Rockin’ Christmas

It’s that time of year to get into the Christmas spirit! And what better way to start than with some Christmas music? For the last two years I’ve shared selections from my Christmas music collection, and this year is no different! Now, we all know the classic “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” but what if I told you there were more rockin’ Christmas tunes out there? Yep! And I’ve hand selected ten of them for you to enjoy!

An illustration of a woman in a gold dress coming out of a large red Christmas present, a man in a suit and tie looks at her. Red and green script reads "Atomic Redhead presents Rockin' Christmas.

“Rockabilly Christmas” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

This number by the neo-swing group Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is off their first Christmas album, Everything you Want for Christmas. The album features originals like this, as well as covers, including one of my favorites, “Mr. Heatmiser.” Here BBVD describes Santa as a “cool cat with shades.”

“Rockabilly Christmas” Johnnie Que

Of course there is more than one song with this title! I stumbled upon this number in the Christmas 45s at Ameba and it was a great blind buy! This has a little bit of a more traditional “rockabilly” vibe to it than BBVD’s number with a great thumping upright base.

“Boogie Woogie Santa Claus” Patti Page

This song gives Santa a bit more of a rough image, as a man who never had a haircut or shave, doesn’t have toys, and just loves to rock. This number was originally recorded by Mable Scott in 1948 (listen to it here), while this version was recorded in 1950. Then Brian Setzer did a version on one of his many Christmas albums.

“Rock n Roll Poly Santa Claus” Lillian Briggs

The woman behind “I Want You to Be My Baby” gives you another tune of a version of Santa who just loves to jive and wail.

“Dig that Crazy Santa Claus” Brian Setzer Orchestra

I think this was originally recorded by Oscar McLollie and the Honey Jumpers in 1954, and has a bit more boogie woogie/rhythm and blues sound to it. You can listen to it here. Setzer puts a big band sound behind his version.

“Santa’s Got a Mean Machine” JD McPherson

Last year JD McPherson came out with a Christmas album, Socks, but “Santa’s Got a Mean Machine” is by far the best number off it. Here is one of a few different numbers where Santa who has traded his sleigh for something else, in this case, a “candy colored ’51.”

“Rock ‘n Roll Santa” Little Joey Farr

There are quite a few numbers that boast that Santa is a fan of rock ‘n roll, so I’m convinced at this point. I mean I don’t really know any songs about how much Ol’ Saint Nick likes opera…

“Santa’s Gonna Shut ‘Em Down” The Untamed Youth

This was another blind buy based on the cover art. I simply couldn’t resist this Ed Roth style Santa! It has turned out to be one of my favorite Christmas songs! This has a bit of a surf twang to it, which I really dig.

“I Wanna Spend Christmas with Elvis” Marlene Paul

Loaded with Elvis song references, this gal wants nothing but Elvis under her tree come Christmas morning.

“Santa Drives a Hot Rod” Brian Setzer Orchestra

Another Setzer song! I can’t help it! His Christmas albums are really swell. Here Setzer is convinced that in order for Santa to make his rounds, he must drive a hot rod, a Chevy to be exact.

“Reindeer Rock” The Sportsmen

Santa, who apparently wears blue jeans here, isn’t the only one who likes to rock around the North Pole! His reindeer too!

I hope you enjoyed these rockin’ Christmas tunes and maybe found a new song or two to add to your Christmas playlist this year!

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