Never Too Many Christmas Trees

It’s hard to believe it’s December. I feel like Halloween was just last week! We recently decorated the house for Christmas, which took a little longer than last year, as between then and now we acquired another vintage aluminum Christmas tree, a four foot gold tree. So this year we decided to move out some furniture and create a small aluminum forest. It brings our aluminum tree total to seven and a half. Yes, I said “half” you’ll see why in a bit.

Shooting was delayed a bit, as our living room light fixture quit working. I wanted a new fixture anyway, because I didn’t care for the ceiling fan light fixture, nor did we need the fan anymore since we installed central air conditioning earlier this year. While I would have preferred a vintage light fixture, we needed one almost immediately and found this one on Amazon.

Overall view of the living room. Orange and black couches sit with the aluminum trees behind them.

Close-up of a Little Golden Book for "Once Upon a Wintertime" the cover features a couple ice skating. A ceramic figural Santa lighter sits near it.

Our collection of aluminum Christmas trees huddle against a wall, a tall green tree, next to a shorter gold tree, pink tree and silver tree. The trees are covered with glass ball ornaments of various colors. Wrapped presents sit below.

A built in room divider between the hall and the living room features vintage Christmas cards stung up like clothes on a line, and small stuffed reindeer.

Overall view of our fireplace with a built in bookshelf on the right. Above the fireplace is a modern, abstract shadow box with various ceramic Christmas figures.

Close-up of a red ornament reading "Merry Christmas" the "i" is dotted with a star.

Our living room, photos of Joshua Tree National Park hang on the wall, small cardboard houses sit on a warm wood secretary. A small gold aluminum tree sits on a warm wood dining table and chairs.

Close-up of some of the vintage cardboard houses that sit on the secretary.

A sign reads "Reindeer Drive" and is flanked by four small stuffed reindeer.

Close-up of the trees, various colors intersecting together with brightly color ornaments, each feature a unique space pattern of stars, planets, and moons.

Close-up of a Santa face pillow.

Our grey cat, Colonel Whiskers sits inside a vintage looking cardboard trailer with Christmas lights.

A gold aluminum tree with small red and green balls sits on our dining room table. White ceramic doves sit below. A silver aluminum tree hangs on the wall behind with small blue ornaments.

Close-up of a framed record sleeve for "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" and a ceramic Santa letter holder, and a replica of the Jeannie bottle from I Dream of Jeannie.

Our living room is divided by our couch and a piece that holds our record player and records. It sits near the aluminum trees, Christmas records scatter the floor.

"Merry Christmas" spelled out in cardboard letters that look like logs hangs from the valance above our sliding glass door. Small stuffed reindeer stand on top of the valance.

A ceramic Santa sits on a self, with a box of "Hollywood Christmas Snow" behind him.

Overall view of our living room. A desert painting hangs above one couch, the other coach faces the TV which plays a vintage Chip and Dale cartoon. Vintage stuff Santas sit on the couches.

Close-up of a blue ornament with a white design of Saturn and a shooting star, hangs from our pink aluminum tree.

Close-up of a vintage box for Christmas wrapping paper, which features an illustration of Santa.

Close-up of the shadow box, which is black with mirror accents and features small ceramic figures of an angel, Santa, and a Little Golden Book for the story The Night Before Christmas.

Our pink and gold trees.

A view of the couch under the desert painting. Vintage Santa plushes sit on the couch.

Close-up of our fireplace, and a poster featuring Santa selling Coca-Cola.

A small silver aluminum tree sits on the record stand.

A built in room divider between the hall and the living room features vintage Christmas cards stung up like clothes on a line, and small stuffed reindeer.

Close-up of the record player which plays "A Liberace Christmas"

Curious to know how we keep Colonel Whiskers away from our Christmas trees and how you can cat proof your Christmas tree? Read my post from last year here.

With something finally above the fireplace and a new light fixture, I feel like the living room is now done, and I think a post finally highlighting what our place looks like normally will come in the new year. Although our hallway and entry are in need of help. The brown accordion door separating the office is due to be replaced with a wall and coat closet, and the faux marble flooring will be ripped out. We just haven’t settled on what to do about the floor. We heard the original hardwood is under it, and may try to restore the hardwood.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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