The Lost Art of Romance Comics

One of my favorite artists of all time is Roy Litchtenstein, known for his pop art, comic book like works, which also means I have a soft spot for the vintage romance comics that inspired some of his work. I’ve collected a handful over the years, once scoring a good number that clearly belonged to a girl named Vickie, who was fond of writing her name across the covers. With Valentine’s Day this Friday I thought it a perfect time to share this collection. I simply adore these melodramatic covers, and trust me, the insides of these comics are just as wonderful as the covers.

All new! True to life! Girls' Love Stories. An ice statue of a woman in a crown sits in the background, a couple is in the foreground, the man has a speech bubble that reads "You couldn't love anyone! You've got a heart of ice--just like your statue!" A square reads "In this issue: 'No Love for a Queen'" Copyright Jan-Feb 1956

Girls' Love. A couple kisses in the foreground, a woman in the background looks on. A text box reads "Featuring 'Love Lost its Way!'" Copyright December 1962

The Tears and the Joys of...Secret Hearts. A woman is crying, and a man attempts to comfort her. She has a speech bubble that reads "Please Greg...You know WHY I can't marry you...EVER!" Copyright April 1969

Falling In Love. A rectangle at the top reads "I Found my Love at the Woodstock Festival" A couple kisses in the foreground of a music festival, as a band plays on stage. A girl looks at the couple with a speech bubble that reads "Robin...My Robin! Where are you--? Oh, no--!" Copyright Oct 1970

My Love. Tales of Love That Could be Yours! The Man I Must Not Love! A couple kisses in front of a piano. Copyright Jan. 1970

Our Love Story. Tales of Romance Torn from Today. A group of people prepare to disembark from an airplane. A stewardess with a tear in her eye has a thought bubble, it reads "If he leaves now--I'll never see him again! But I can't stop him from walking out of my life!" A heart reads "You'll Never Forget How Near to Heaven!" Copyright 1971

True-to-Life Girls' Romances. A woman in a pink pantsuit waves goodbye to a man in an orange and black stripe jacket as she walks toward a white sports car with another man inside, her speech bubble reads "Get lost! I need a man -- Not a boy!" a text box near the bottom reads "I wanted someone who'd satisfy my needs, but would I settle for a...part-time lover?" Copyright Jan. 1971

Girls' Love. A bride is carried over the threshold by a man. A man dressed in cowboy attire is leaning on a table with a speech bubble reading "So this is my new stepmother! Welcome!" The bride has a speech bubble with "Jeremy!" Text on the side reads "Can a girl be faithful when she husband but two loves?" Copyright Feb 1971

Hollywood Romance. A man kisses the shoulder of a woman, she has a thought bubble that reads "I can't fall for him...I mustn't...I know what he is...But I can't help myself!" From behind a curtain a woman looks on, with a speech bubble that reads "I'll ruin her for this! She'll never act in this town or any where else again." A scroll reads "A kiss and a Broken Dream" Copyright June 1971

Love Stories. A couple kisses in a room of other kissing couples. She has a thought bubble that reads "Please--Please--Don't let me be afraid---THIS time!" A text box reads "Holly was a loner--but she had to find her love in a crowd!" Copyright Mar., Apr., 1973

All New Time for Swinging..Time for Dreaming. Time for Love. A couple leans in for a kiss, he says "Naomi, why won't you set the date? You know we're going to get married sooner or later!" She says "Don't rush me, darling...I just started my new job." She also has a thought bubble which reads " can I tell him about Neil..." A scroll at the bottom reads "I won't waste my love" Copyright June 1973

Secret Romance. A couple holds each other. Copyright June 1979

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