Cooking with Vincent: La Gratin Savoyard

Welcome to yet another installment of Cooking with Vincent. If you’re new to the blog, check out my first post from the series detailing what Cooking with Vincent is about.

Vincent Price’s cookbooks really cover a lot of ground, well, I mean, just look at the size of A Treasury of Great Recipes! From main courses, to desserts, to drinks, to side dishes there are so many dishes to make! I was craving ham and we chose to make la gratin savoyard, a potato dish, as a side for the ham.

Myself holding one of Price's cookbooks, wearing a black dress with a pin of Price's face.

Photo of the recipe in the book.

This was a recipe where we made a few changes, due to an inability to find an ingredient, and some confusion with the wording of the recipe. The recipe called for “light cream,” unable to find that, we did some research, and combined heavy whipping cream and half-and-half. Second, it said to make the dish in an oval “baking” dish, however later it said to boil the cream and shredded cheese over direct heat, but with no mention of doing that in a separate dish, and adding it to the potatoes before then broiling it! So instead we chose to make the whole dish in a cast iron skillet, a piece of cookware that could go both on the stove and in the oven.

Ingredients sitting on our counter.

Sliced potatoes.

Placing the cheese on the slice potatoes.

Pouring dairy mixture into the cast iron that holds the slice potatoes and cheese.

Potatoes covered in milk and cheese.

Potatoes cooking in a cast iron skillet inside the oven.

Close-up of the potatoes cooked in the cast iron skillet.

Close-up of the potatoes plated on the dish.

Myself seated at our dining room table, holding a fork over a plate of ham, potatoes, and green beans.

Despite these changes and interpretation of the recipe, it turned out absolutely delicious, extremely lush, creamy, and gooey in the best way. It was like pure comfort food. I will for sure be making this again in the future!

Next time you see me in the kitchen for another installment of Cooking with Vincent, the kitchen will look a little different! So stay tuned for a post about our (partial) kitchen redo!

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Myself seated at our dining room table, holding a fork over a plate of ham, potatoes, and green beans. Text overlay reads "Cooking with Vincent La Gratin Savoyard"

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