Beyond the Monster Mash

It’s September, and while I may have started decorating for Halloween two weeks ago, I would say it’s officially the spooky season! Which means it’s time to share another spooktacular playlist! Long time readers may remember that awhile back I started a tradition of sharing selections from my ever growing Halloween playlist, but if you’re new here, no worries, links to previous playlists are at the end!

A skeleton plays a guitar, text on the right reads "Atomic Redhead Presents Beyond the Monster Mash Even More Kooky Halloween Tunes"

This year we are going beyond the “Monster Mash,” and listening to other monster songs! This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a sampling from my ever growing Halloween tunes (which currently sits at just under ten hours), and you’ll notice I’ve left out zombies and aliens, because they are prime for their very own playlists each!

“At the House of Frankenstein” Big Bee Kornegay

If you ever wanted some doo wop in your Halloween, then here you have it! Here once again monsters are having a ball, this time over at Frankie’s.

“Transylvania Twist” Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Yes, the man who gave us the original “Monster Mash” did indeed have other songs! In my first Halloween playlist post I mentioned “The Monster Swim” but if you recall the lyrics of the “Monster Mash” you’ll remember Dracula lamenting “Whatever happened to my ‘Transylvania Twist’?” Well, here it is!

“(It’s a) Monster’s Holiday” Buck Owens

Owens is a legend in the country and western music scene, and this gem from 1974 is one of my favorites from my playlist because of its country twang. The odd ball number was even written up in Rolling Stone.

“Bigfoot” Buzz Martin

Known as “The Singing Logger” Martin was known for songs with lumberjack themes.

“The Boogie Man” The Cadillacs

Another delightful doo wop number. And if you want to get a head start on Christmas music, The Cadillacs also did a doo wop version of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.”

“Werewolf” Carl Bonafede

This werewolf sings about all of the fun his has with his fellow monster buddies

“Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein, or Dracula” The Diamonds

In this number that features multiple monsters, the singer’s girlfriend only gets “in the mood” when she sees horror movies.

“Dracula’s Daughter” Screaming Lord Sutch

Here the singer meets Mary in a cemetery, only to find out she’s Dracula’s daughter! Screaming Lord Sutch was quite the character, dressing eccentrically, and giving horror themed performances. You can get a feel for his vibe in this 1964 performance of “Jack the Ripper.” In 1970 he released the album Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends, what was once called “the worst album of all time” even though it had, as the title implies, quite a few heavy hitters, including Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Noel Redding. He also was involved in politics, founding the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

“Frankenstein Rock” Eddie Thomas

Like “Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein or Dracula” this is another number about a couple that enjoys horror movies.

“Midnight Monster’s Hop” Jack & Jim

Clearly monsters like to party, from the “Mash” to the “Hop” they do love to groove.

“The Mummy’s Bracelet” Lee Ross

I love a song with a story, and this number has quite the story! Here a thief steals a bracelet from a mummy at a museum and gives it to his girlfriend, only to have the mummy stalk them until he gets it back!

“The Mummy” The Naturals

Here a man comes across a mummy who used to sing and wants him to join his rock ‘n roll band, but he wants nothing to do with it.

“Mr. Frankenstein” Peter & the Wolves

A bobbin’ tune describing the creation of Frankenstein’s monster.

“I’m the Wolf Man” Round Robin

Beware the wolfman!

“The Beast of Sunset Strip” Teddy Durant

This tune almost has a beatnik, spoken word style to it, and it’s absolutely hilarious. I also love any song that has California references.

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