Halloween is Creeping in Early

Normally I don’t share my Halloween decor until early October, because despite decorating mid-September, I tend to spend the remaining weeks of September combing antique malls and flea markets for fresh vintage finds to add. But, this year obviously is much, much different. I’ve taken COVID-19 extremely seriously, and despite many antique malls reopening, and a handful of flea markets beginning again, I have not felt comfortable going. So I actually decorated in August, and then spent time scouring the internet for fresh finds, giving time for them to be shipped. Additionally, earlier in this pandemic, I spent a great deal of time sewing, including whipping up some spooky dresses, and I figured now would be also a great time to share one of them.

Our orange and black sectional, that sits in the middle of our living room. Behind is a swath of various Halloween decorations hanging on a ribbon. The couch has spirit board print pillows.

Myself wearing a black blouse, under a white dress that features a black and orange print of the Headless Horseman and tombstones, holding a small plastic jack o'lantern bucket.

A room divider separates the hallway from the living room. An orange ribbon hangs across part of it and clothes pinned to it are small trick or treat bags. A paper jack o'lantern sits under them.

A view of our living room. A cartoon witch appears on the TV. The TV is flanked by two blow mold plastic pumpkin. Various Halloween decorations are scattered throughout.

A paper machine black cat.

Overall view of the fireplace with a built in bookcase to the right. Various Halloween decorations scatter the shelves.

Myself wearing a black blouse, under a white dress that features a black and orange print of the Headless Horseman and tombstones, sitting in front of a record player, holding a record featuring Vincent Price.

A buffet piece sits on the back wall of the dining room. Atop the buffet is a diecut owl, cat atop a skull, a skeleton wearing a pirate costume, in the middle a spirit board themed to the House on Haunted Hill, with a woman screaming, skeleton, and Vincent Price, to the right of it a plastic jack o'lantern with a black party hat with an orange cat atop it, and next to it a diecut skull. Hanging above all of it are themed framed pieces. On the left is a framed segment of a paper table cloth featuring an illustration of a haunted house. In the middle framed witch and skeleton, on the right a framed segment of a paper table cloth with witches and pumpkins. Sitting atop each frame is a diecut black cat.

Close-up of a shelf. On the right a small green book with silver gilding reads "Epitaphs," next to it is an orange and black noise maker with a black cat and a witch on it, next to it is a chalkware tombstone reading "Here Lies Ghost Number 1000 Haunted Mansion Disneyland," next to it is a green camera and next to it a brown camera. A tape measure winds through the cameras, and sits in front to read "Carlton A. Ullrich Funeral Home."

Overall view of the dining room. The dining room table sits in the middle with a 3D paper haunted house in the middle. Hanging to the left is a poster for a Halloween event at Bob Baker Marionette Theatre, a window in the middle, with pumpkins and cats atop the valance, and on the right a buffet with various Halloween decorations.

Close-up of the print, which features the Headless Horseman, trees, and tombstones.

A metal lunchbox reading "Ghostland" in yellow across the top. A green haunted house has small little white ghosts that pop out.

View of the living room, with a console featuring a record player, with storage for records, sits on the left. Next to it is a small cat house, and next to it a small, one arm chair, and next to it a table with a lamp atop it. Stretched across the wall is an orange ribbon with various Halloween decorations clothes pinned to it.

A jack o'lantern trick or tree bucket sits next to the record for the Haunted Mansion, in the background an animated skull is on the TV.

Two diecut Halloween decorations hang in a frame, an attractive witch in an orange top and green mini skirt appears to dance, and a skeleton plays an orange and green guitar.

A trio of cardstock ghosts hang against the brick of the fireplace.

Colonel Whiskers sits inside his miniature Psycho house.

Two ceramic ballet dancers dressed in black devil attire.

A mirrored shadow box hangs above the fireplace. Around it are two black cats, and another black cat that sits in the moon. Inside is another paper black cat, several noise makers, and an orange mask with a design of cats, pumpkins and ghosts.

A grouping of diecut Halloween decorations clothes pinned to an orange ribbon, a ghost over a castle, a witch, a black cat atop a jack o'lantern, a scarecrow, and a black cat face.

A built in bookcase features various vintage cameras, a green book with the title "Epitaphs" a tombstone reading "Here Lies Ghost Number 1000" a small collection of ceramic dancers dressed as devils, and a framed napkin with witches, pumpkins, and broomsticks.

Trio of blowmolds on the hearth of the fireplace, a jack o'lantern on a stock of wheat, a ghost holding a skull and jack o'lantern, and a witch holding a jack o'lantern.

Close-up of an owl on a branch, and a screeching cat on a skull.

A cardstock haunted house sits in the middle of our dining room table, the poster for the Halloween Spooktacular at Bob Baker Marionette Theatre hangs on the wall in the background.

A blow mold haunted house sits atop a table. To the right a small ceramic ghost, and next to it a diecut of a black cat.

Close-up of part of the decor in the dining room, a spirit board that is themed to House on Haunted Hill, features Vincent Price's face, a small plastic jack o'lantern wears a black party hat with an orange cat on it, a black cat sits behind it, and a skull to the right of it.

Obviously the Halloween season will be much different this year, many of our typical events have been cancelled or altered. For example, the Anaheim Halloween Parade has changed to a “Drive-Thru” experience. The drive-in/thru has been adapted for several Halloween events this year, and we have tickets to one next month. I’m hopeful they will give some level of safe fun this season. Other than that I foresee a lot of scary movie watching in my future.

Have you decorated for Halloween yet? How is COVID-19 impacting your Halloween season?

Earrings & Ring: Belonged to my great-grandmother
Blouse: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: Made by me, with fabric by There Will Be Cute, using the bodice from Simplicity 5954 and the skirt from Advance 9406.
Fishnets: Oroblu
Daniel Green Slippers: Red Light, Portland, Oregon

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