Cooking with Vincent: Pumpkin Pie

Last weekend I realized I hadn’t had a slice of pumpkin pie all autumn! Now, that isn’t to say I can’t eat pumpkin pie in winter (after all, quite a few Christmas songs mention pumpkin pie) but pumpkin is the flavor of fall! So over the weekend Patrick and I whipped up a pumpkin pie under the guidance of Vincent Price. Doing so called for my pumpkin pie hat from Miss Doolittle’s for that added bit of encouragement as I ventured to make my first pie ever.

Myself holding Come Into the Kitchen, wearing a crocheted hat shaped like a pumpkin pie, a black tee reading "Cooking Price-Wise with Vincent Price" on it.

While the pumpkin pie recipe comes from Come Into the Kitchen, which just states to use a pie shell, Treasury of Great Recipes had a pie crust recipe that we decided to use.

Photograph of "Rich Pastry" recipe.

All of the ingredients, shortening, salt, sugar, flour, canned pumpkin, eggs, spices, and cream together.

Pouring flour into a large bowl.

Mixing together the ingredients for the pie crust.

The recipe for the crust was written to yield 12 pie shells, or six covered pies, so we did the math to create two crusts, thinking we would roll out two and see which one we liked the most. However, we struggled to roll it to 1/8 of an inch, and successfully place it in our Pyrex pie dish. So we decided to roll out a thicker crust with what was two portions of crust, and actually had very little left over.

Pinching the pie crust together along the edge.

Both the crust and the filling had relatively few ingredients, however, like some previous recipes, we did make one minor substitution. The recipe called for heavy cream, and unable to find that, we chose to use heavy whipping cream.

Photograph of the pumpkin pie recipe.

Mixing together the pie filling.

Pouring the pie filling into the crust.

Being new to cooking and all, I was a little perplexed at the instructions which read to bake the pie at 425 for 15 minutes, and then to lower it to 350. However, there were no additional instructions as to how long to leave it in at 350! In glancing at the pumpkin pie recipe on the pumpkin can, it said to bake for 45 minutes, so we left the pie in at 350 for 30 minutes. After cooling we made whipped cream to top it off.

The pie all baked with whipped cream in the center.

A silver cake server with cut out stars on it rests on the pie with a slice gone.

Myself holding a slice of pie in front of the TV which features the title sequence from Tim Burton's short "Vincent"

Having never made a pumpkin pie before, I didn’t question the spices that were in the recipe, but boy did I when I took a bite! Price’s pumpkin pie calls for ginger, nutmeg, and mace. Turns out, I’m not the biggest fan of mace, and the pie didn’t really taste like pumpkin pie that I’m used to. I looked at other pumpkin pie recipes on the internet (and again at the recipe on the can of pumpkin) to see what was up. Most contemporary pumpkin pies use cinnamon instead of mace, and some recipes also use all spice. Thankfully Patrick liked the pie, so looks like he gets a pie all to himself. In the meantime I’ll just eat my pumpkin pie cheesecake ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

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Come into the Kitchen cookbook sits on the counter next to the baked pie. Text overlay reads "Cooking with Vincent Pumpkin Pie"

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