Christmas is Near

This has been one rollercoaster of a year and I swear that while time moved at a snail’s pace earlier this year, I feel like it’s just sped up since, because I can’t believe it’s December! Decorating took a little longer than previous years because we acquired another vintage aluminum Christmas tree, a blue one, so things had the shuffle about, including moving furniture and lamps. Yes, I’m that crazy about Christmas! If you’re new to the blog, then you’ll also spy I’m simply in love with not only aluminum trees, but also these bizarre little stuffed reindeer that you’ll see scattered everywhere.

A built in room divider separates the living room from the hallway. In it sits various Christmas decorations, including many small stuffed reindeer, vintage Christmas cards, and ceramic planters of Santa.

Looking into our living room. A couch set forms an L shape around a coffee table. Various plush Santas sit on the couches. Beyond them is the aluminum forest.

A grouping of vintage Christmas cards hang from the room divider, below are two stuffed reindeer of red fabric, a ceramic planter of Santa and two vintage cameras.

A vintage issue of Playboy features a blond woman in a Santa costume. Next to her is an ashtray featuring Santa.

Our entertainment center. On the TV a couple on ice skates leans in for a kiss, a scene from the short Once Upon a Wintertime. A ceramic Santa and reindeer sit in front of the TV. Various Christmas decorations scatter the shelf below.

Close-up of a vintage white stuffed reindeer.

Shelf of our entertainment center, which features three ceramic figures of women holding large candy canes, a white bottle brush tree, a red stuffed reindeer, a decorative plate from Santa's Village, a ceramic figure of Santa, and a white stuffed reindeer.

Our fireplace sits on the left, and a built in bookcase is to the right. Various Christmas decorations scatter the shelf.

Close-up of one of our shelves, which features a box of glow in the dark ornaments, the box has stars on it. In front of it sits a small ceramic Santa on a rocket. to the right is a small angel in a red dress holding a star.

Three small stuffed reindeer, one red, one white, and one green, sit next to a ceramic planter of Santa stepping into a chimney.

To the right is our fireplace with a shadowbox above the opening, which has small reindeer on it, along with a ceramic Santa planter. Just past the fireplace is our dining room. To the left of the dining room table is our six foot green aluminum tree. In the middle of the dining room table is a small, one foot gold and silver aluminum tree. Hanging on the wall is a small silver aluminum tree.

A built in bar meets our brick fireplace. On top of the bar is a short silver aluminum tree with small red ornaments on it. Below it is a cardboard standee advertising Coca-Cola, featuring Santa Claus.

A view into our dining room. Peeking from the left is our 6 foot green aluminum tree. In the middle of the dining room table is a short gold and silver aluminum tree. Hanging on the back wall are three squares of framed vintage wrapping paper. One reads "Merry Christmas" repeatedly in script of gold, red, and green, the next features poodles, the third features Santa Claus. Atop the secretary are various small cardboard houses.

A small ceramic figure of an angel in a white gown with hood, she has her hands in a small white muff. Behind her is a small green reindeer.

Small cardboard houses.

View of our "aluminum forest" a 3 three silver tree, 3 foot pink tree, 3 foot blue tree, 3 foot gold tree, and 6 foot green tree.

Close-up of a blue ball ornament with white stars on it, it hangs on a silver aluminum tree.

A trio of three foot aluminum trees, one pink, one blue, and one gold.

Close-up of the branches of the blue aluminum tree.

On the left is a three foot silver aluminum tree, sitting in a base that also features a color wheel built in. Next to the tree is a credenza with a record player on top, and a small silver aluminum tree. Various Christmas albums are scattered about.

Our blue aluminum tree sits atop a small table. Also on the table is a box of vintage Christmas lights reading "Hollywood"

Close-up of a 45 record featuring Chip, Dale, and Clarice. Next to it sits a small red stuffed hippo and a ceramic planter of Santa playing an upright base.

Our pink aluminum tree with various ornaments of green and blue with stars on them.

A trio of three foot aluminum trees, one pink, one blue, and one gold.

A long exposure of our silver tree spinning in its rotating stand and color wheel-all-in-one.

A blue aluminum tree has been on my wish list since I first knew of their existence, and we were lucky enough to score one on Ebay earlier this year. We also added another holy grail item, the rotating Christmas tree stand and color wheel all-in-one by Evergleam, as seen in action above. And, no, we really don’t actually have that many presents to hand out to friends and family, they are all part of my system of cat-proofing of our trees, which you can read about in this post.

When it comes to actual holiday of Christmas this year, it will be different for sure. While Patrick and I don’t travel for the holidays normally, our newer tradition of going to Disneyland Christmas Day won’t be happening due to the pandemic. So I think it will just be a day at home watching Christmas movies and calling our families. Which is of course the safest and most responsible thing we can be doing.

Are you all decorated for the holidays?

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