Vintage California Christmas Postcards

A couple years ago I started to share my collection of vintage Christmas cards, but there is a various specific part of this collection have decided to share with you this year, vintage California Christmas postcards.

As many of you know, Christmas is a bit different here in California, especially Southern California. Most of us here don’t get to see a white Christmas, and we don’t often have to bundle up to go outside.Therefore I enjoy finding pieces that speak to “our” kind of Christmas, so when I first spied and purchased a California Christmas postcard at an antique mall a couple years ago, I fell down a rabbit hole that has now resulted in the small collection you see here.

I especially love ones that incorporate oranges, and some feature icons of various cities in California, such as El Camino Real, the Hotel Del Coronado and Balboa Park in San Diego, the rose garden at Exposition Park in LA, and the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Across the top is an illustration of people picking oranges from trees, just to the right is a small illustration of candles and holly. Text below the illustration reads "Picking oranges in California" with larger text across the lower half reading "A California Happy Christmas A Christmas greeting from a fruitful land And a wish for your happiness as boundless as this sunny sky."

A photograph of oranges on trees with snowcapped mountains behind makes up most of the postcard. A poinsettia in the upper left, and a golden poppy in the lower right. Text below the image reads "Orange and Snow Capped Mountains." Text across the top reads "Christmas Greetings from California" And text along the left reads "A right good time to you and yours This bright and happy season."

A mostly white postcard features a small illustration of a palm tree, flowers, pepper tree and large golden poppy. Text below the illustration reads "California Scene - Date Palm and Pepper Tree" Larger text reads "Christmas Greetings from California Christmas where the roses twine! Christmas where the poppies shine! Christmas where the sunbeams play Like an Eastern morn in May. Christmas where we spend the hours Basking in the sun and flowers."

Inside a small circle features the rose garden at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Candles and poinsettias also adorn the card. Text reads "Out in California Lovely flowers everywhere, Red and gold and blue, And in the heart of each of them Christmas thoughts of you"

A mostly white postcard features an illustration of a man wearing a large sombrero and smoking a cigarette with a rose below. Text reads "Christmas Greetings from California When winds are howling 'round your doors And frost is creaking through the floors, Just pack your grip, for nature stores A wealth for you on other shores; Her sunny smiles await you here With all the golden West holds dear."

A green postcard features a pagoda building with paper lanterns and a poinsettia, with text reading "A Merry Christmas from California's Movieland. From the land of happy greetings Where friendly greetings grow Comes this happy Christmas wish For the nicest friend I know."

A vertical postcard, mostly white, features a small illustration of the Ferry Clock Tower in San Francisco at the top, with red script reading "Christmas Greetings" below the illustration is text reading "A California Christmas Message You may have your Eastern Christmas With its heaps of snow and freezing - It's glist'ning frost that nips your nose As though 'twere only teasing; But give me California - With all her many charms - Her wealth of golden sunshine Within her poppies' arms.

A postcard that features the bell tower at San Diego's Balboa Park. A poinsettia and candles also adorn the card. Text reads "From Your California Friends at Christmas The winds blow softer, Flowers boom oftener, Out in California; The birds sing sweeter Oh, you can't beat 'er - California"

A largely white postcard with a small illustration of a highway along the coast. Text reads "Christmas Greeting from California From Roses to Snow, little card here you go With best wishes for Christmas cheer, And I'm glad you see, it's a card and not me That's taking my wishes this year!"

An image of a tree along the coast with paper lanterns and holly, text reading "Christmas Greetings from California Let's hope another Christmas-tide Finds you west and satisfied With the land that's sure to woo you, Meanwhile - Merry Christmas to you!"

A largely white postcard with an illustration of San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado and poppy flowers, text reads "Christmas Wishes from California Old King Cole is a cranky old soul Because he can't live out here, For we're warmed with sunshine - don't need any coal, For Christmas of Happy New Year."

A blue edged postcard features an illustration of a church along with flowers and candles. Text reads "California Christmas Cheer Good old cheer abounds out here, From palaces to huts. Days are bright, Say, ev'rything's right, Even the 'prunes' and 'nuts'"

A mostly white postcard features an illustration of people at the beach, and a large golden poppy. Text reads "Christmas Greetings from California A 'Happy Christmas' to you all back there, And I wish that you were here to share, At Christmas time, the feeling rare Of wearing - summer underwear!"

A largely blue and green postcard features an illustration of a mission, to the left a circle features an image of pepper trees, and outside the circle is an El Camino Real bell. Text in the lower right reads "Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year"

A mostly white postcard with a small illustration of cacti in the desert, text directly below the illustration reads "Desert cactus California" in larger script to the right reads "A California Christmas Greeting The Christmas days are drawing near Back where you sit with frozen ear While I from California send Warm greetings and good cheer, dear friend."

Like with my other vintage Christmas cards I use mini clothespins and ribbon to display these each year.

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