Gorgeous Streamline Moderne Firestone turned Brew Pub

Driving down La Brea in Los Angeles you may pass by a beautiful streamline moderne Firestone station, complete with its iconic bowtie neon sign standing tall over the streetlights, but don’t expect to get your tires replaced here. Instead you’ll find beer and tacos, this is All Season Brewing Company.

Exterior of All Seasons Brewing, a low, streamline modern painted yellow and blue, with red letters atop the roof reading "Firestone Complete Car Service" and a large red and white bowtie sign above reading "Firestone"

A small circular neon sign reads "All Seasons Brewing Company 800 S. La Brea Los Angeles Beer Good Times Good Folks"

View of the entrance into the restaurant, large garage style door is raised, with orange letters above reading "Complete Car Service" inside various tables sit, the taco window in the back, and the bar to the right.

View of the curved window from the outside patio.

Built in 1937, and dubbed a Historic-Cultural Monument in 2012, this Firestone building serviced cars until 2016, and then hit the market. Thankfully, Pouring with Heart, a hospitality group, teamed up with designer Matt Winter, who has been in love with the building for years, to revamp it and keep most of the original elements while also creating a fun space to grab a bite and drink. “I thought it was one of the most iconic buildings and I had been drooling over the idea of somebody restoring it for almost two decades,” Winter admitted in an interview. The beautiful streamline service shop made the perfect backdrop for any classic car, and Winter had often stopped by in the years prior to the revamp to take pictures of his hot rods in front of it.

While beer pours from a long bar, a small Chica’s Tacos stand sits in the back next to a row of skee ball games, and above it all are little vignettes of various auto parts. “It’s kind of like a little museum,” Winters said of the details scattered about. You can sip your beer either inside the old work area or outside on the patio, and those looking to have a private party can rent out the former waiting room, which has its own set of skee ball games, as well as a video game console.

Overall view of the massively long bar inside.

The beer silo, which reads "All Seasons Brewing Los Angeles Chicas Tacos"

Close-up of the Firestone sign atop the building.

Myself, seated at a table, wearing a black cowboy hat, a black shirt that reads "Burrito King" in yellow letters on the left, various turquoise jewelry, holding a bottle of Coca-Cola, behind me is a row of skee ball games.

A red velvet curtain hangs in front of a doorway, above reads "Photo Booth"

A small streamline modern window sits in the middle of the large brew pub, and has blue tiles going half way up it, atop a large sign reads "Chicas Tacos" various automotive related items are also scattered above.

A sticker on the door to the party room reads "Bievenido a Firestone La agradecemos que no entre al area de servico a menos que le acompañe un empleado aurorizado.

A large blue sign hangs on the wall, orange letters on it spell out "Firestone Tires" below, on a rack are three wooden barrels.

View of the party room which features a video game console along with tables. A window views into the large portion of the restaurant.

View of the private party room, which sits near the front, featuring a large curved window facing the street.

Playing skee ball.

A large painted sign features a pitcher of beer, and red letters reading "Draft Beer"

Atop a yellow wall reads "Complete Car Service"

I’m not a beer person, so I can’t give my opinion on their offerings, but I really enjoyed my tacos and of course the unique ambiance! Rotate some tacos and beer instead of tires at All Season Brewing Company at 800 S. La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.

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