Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards Vol. 2

Ages ago I shared some of my vintage Valentines Day card collection, which, at the time, was very small. Today, the collection has grown and I’m happy to bring you another sampling and plan to continue the tradition in the way I do my annual Christmas card post.

A blonde girl wearing a blue dress with a pink bow at her waist sits at a piano. Text above reads "I'm making a play for your heart, dear Valentine"

A boy dressed as a scarecrow is surrounded by small birds and hearts, the hearts feature words selling out "I'm scared you will say no"

A blonde boy sits at a printing press, text on a wheel reads "Cupid's Printing Press" and paper in the press is red with white Xs on it. Text around reads "At printing kisses Valentine I'm seeking a position if I can 'PRINT' 'em I'll pull a huge 'EDITION'"

Two children and a brown dog each in in vibrant astronaut costumes are surrounded by hearts, each with text that across all of them reads "You are 'Out of this World' so....Let's be Valentines I Like You"

A little brown bear wearing a black hat and blue overalls carries a suck sack, with text above reading "I'll be simply UN-BEAR-able if you won't be my Valentine!"

A brown chicken has several hearts around them with script in each, connecting to read "Hi Chick I'll Crow Valentine when you're mine"

A brunette boy wearing a blue suit holds the shutter of a camera that features a heart shaped lens, text reads "You CLICK with me Valentine Hope this will DEVELOP into something good."

A yellow and red train is manned by a grey cat in a blue engineer's outfit, holding a sign reading "Chugging down the line to say, be my Valentine!"

A heart shaped valentine featuring an illustration of a dark haired boy in a green sweater, with a white bowtie with red polka dots, and brown pants holds a box of dates. Script reads "You're the kind of 'DATE' I LIKE"

A boy and girl sit in a red convertible looking at a drive-in screen with a cowboy on it. Text near the screen reads "You're 'Drive-In' me mad" and the back of the car reads "Be My Valentine"

I hope you enjoyed! And wishing you all the loveliest of Valentine’s Day!

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